How to Keep Your Hair Color Looking Salon Fresh

When you get your hair colored you walk out of the salon with vibrant fresh color. How can you keep it looking good between touch ups? It’s easy to have salon fresh color between visits with a few simple tips.

Hair coloring
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  1. Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for color treated hair. These professional products contain sunscreen to help prevent oxidation and intense moisturizers to keep your hair strong.
  2. Always use heat protective products when you blow dry, flat iron or use any high heat tools on your hair. Heat from these tools can make your hair color fade quicker and the protective products provide a heat barrier to prevent damage and breakage. Many of these products also contain styling aids to make styling your hair easier.
  3. If you enjoy swimming in a chlorinated pool coat your hair with a conditioner before you dive in. Chlorine can make blond hair green and fade brunette and red hair.
  4. Always go to your stylist to have your hair colored. Box colors from the super store or grocery store are much to strong and harsh on your hair. The developer used in box colors is up to four time as strong as it needs to be. Your stylist has professional products that not only deliver superior color, but are gentle on your hair. She knows which formulas will work the best on your hair so take advantage of her experience and training.
  5. Be gentle with your color treated hair. Avoid very hot water when you wash your hair and use natural bristle brushes when styling it. Very hot water opens up the cuticle layer of your hair and can cause your hair color to fade. Also wear a hat if you are going to be out in the sun. Sunlight causes unwanted red and gold tones that make your hair look brassy.

These are a few simple tips to keep your new hair color looking its best between visits to your stylist. Be sure to keep up with your touch up appointments so that you don’t get telltale roots. Make an appointment every four to six weeks to ensure you have the color you want and look great.

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Hairstyles in the News February 14, 2011

Welcome to this week’s Hairstyles in the News. It seems like spring will never come to most of the country and sometimes you need a new look to give you a lift in spirits and break out of the winter doldrums. This week we take a look at a hot trend, heavy fringe bangs. Several celebrities are wearing heavy fringe this season and fringe bangs are a way to call attention to your eyes and frame your face. Dark blond hair is also making a splash and you can go from deep dark blond to golden blond with your stylist’s help. Winter is a traditional time for darker hair and this week we see one celebrity go from beachy blond with highlights to sleek brunette. Maybe you’d like to have a darker color this season for a change? And finally we see that short doesn’t mean boring with cute hair accessories. On to our celebrities of the week.
The Fab Life

Avril Lavigne may be a 26 year old divorcee, but she is still a rocker at heart. Here we see her having some fun with her hair and wearing green and pink highlights. While this look may not be for everyone, if you’re daring enough it can be a great look for the young at heart.
Style Bistro

Jennifer Lawerence has one of the hottest colors of the season – dark gold blond hair. Styled loose and flowing, this look gives her a youthful and fresh look. You can get this look easily with a large barrel curling iron and shine spray.

Leona Lewis made waves recently with her new heavyfringe bangs. This is a very popular look this season and can be worn with long or short hair.

Sandra Bullock also made a stir when she showed up at the Golden Globes withheavy fringe and Felicity Jones wore her fringe with a cute bun. As you can see fringe can be worn with almost any hairstyle and looks great on just about all face shapes.

Alexa Chung switched things up and had her hair cut in a lovely blunt look with a dark brunette color. Brunettes range from deep dark brown to caramel. You can add depth and interest with highlights of varying shades of dark blonde or add some deep dark lowlights for a completely different look.
Beauty Riot

Kimberly Wyatt shows us that just because your hair is short, it doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Her cute hairband is just one of the many accessories you can use to add interest and sparkle to your look. Another cute way to wear accessories is to clip a few pretty barrettes into your hair to secure your bangs. There are so many accessories available, you can change your look everyday if you’d like.

That’s it for this week. If you’ve found a look you like and want to try out ask your stylist to tailor one to your hair thickness and texture. Your stylist can give you the color you want with professional products that leave your hair moisturized and looking great. She also has the knowledge and skill to give you the right color for your skin tone and complexion. Until next week, be safe and try to keep warm. Spring is coming!

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Hairstyles in the News November 15, 2010

Sometimes you see celebrity pictures and wonder, what on earth were they thinking? Sometimes they make good choices, sometimes – not so much. This week we found some very good choices and they were thinking side twists, updos and curls. Curls are the it look this season and as usual celebrities are leading the way. Color ranges from platinum blonde to deep chocolate brown. We haven’t forgotten the men in our lives with a celebrity buzz cut.

Lauren Conrad was wearing a very feminine side twist at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation Gala. The side bang flatters her heart shaped face and this is an easy style to create. Start with day old hair and take sections of your hair and twist them up to the side and secure them with bobby pins. Leave a bit of fringe on the sides for a soft look and add a bit of embellishment with pretty clips and jeweled pins if you want some sparkle.

Katarina Graham was spotted at Comic-Con with a side bun. This is a creative switch to a classic style. Perfect for thick hair and best accomplished with day old hair. Just brush you hair to one side and form a bun. This is another style that can be dressed up with some bling for special occasions. The placement of the bun draws attention to Katarina’s mysterious hazel eyes and perfect features.

Christina Aguilera is known for changing her hair color and style. At the premier of her fifth womens fragrance, Royal Desire, she had stunning platinum blonde hair done in bouncy curls. Her gown was designed to reflect the shape of her new fragrance’s bottle. You can have this look with hot rollers, setting gel and an anti-frizz product. Finish with an extra hold setting spray and glosser and you too can have red carpet looks.

Rihanna said she had her colorist give her bright red hair for something different. This style is a very flowing and feminine updo that is pulled together with a pink polka dot scarf ties in a very stylish bow. This style is messy yet chic and is a good option if your hair is medium length or you are trying to grow it out and are in that in between stage.
American Superstar

Julianne Hough shows us at the CMA awards that layered medium hair can be chic. Use your curling iron to form loose ringlets and use a styling paste to get a piecey look. This style is good for the red carpet and work. A medium layered cut is one of the most versatile cuts around and looks good on almost all women.

Ashley Greene of Twilight has newly colored chocolate brunette hair sparked with red highlights. This style shows us that brown is not boring and you can choose from copper fire to bright red to give your brunette hair life and dimension. To get this loose style all you need is a round brush, a blow dryer, a medium barrel curling iron, anti-frizz spray and a medium hold setting spray.

Justin Timberlake would look good any way he wore his hair, and he proves it this week with a buzz cut. Although he is hiding his head under a hat, it would seem that once again Justin is on the forefront of mens fashion. Buzz cuts have moved from the Armed Forces back to the mainstream and are easy to wear and easy to care for.

That’s it for this week of Hairstyles in the News. Did you see something that caught your eye? Maybe it is a new color or a new style you’d like to wear for a night out. Make an appointment with your stylist and let her tailor a look just for you.

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Hairstyles in the News November 1, 2010

Celebrity hairstyles continue to catch our attention and this week is no exception. A budding young designer was booted off a popular reality show, and while he is not technically a celebrity the popularity of Project Runway brings him into the spotlight this week. Cher proves she’s as edgy as ever and Taylor Swift is the model of beauty.
NBC Philadelphia

Mondo Guerra, the most recent finalist on Project Runway to be kicked off, is sporting a unique style with large curls on the crown of his short cut. While designers can get away with this extreme look, you may not be able to in the board room, but it is very daring and shows a large amount of personal style.,0,2132875.story

Jaden and Willow Smith, the very chic children of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, were spotted this week looking as fabulous as every. Jaden has his hair in a neat braided style while Willow mixes it up with a poofy curl and short sides. Willow’s video, I Whip My Hair, has been a sensation since its release a few weeks ago. Both of these young people know fashion is for fun and show their creative style every time they show up on camera.

In this photo Katy Perry shows us what colored hair extensions can do to give spark and unexpected color to a style. Extensions come in a wide variety of colors and textures. These pink and blue extensions look striking against Katy’s dark brunette locks.

Taylor Swift is seen here with long blonde curls that go from honey blonde to lighter golden blonde. This color variation is becoming popular with celebrities. You can have this graduated color with any hair color. Ask your stylist for a color consultation.

Cher has always been known for her outrageous costumes and iconic black hair. At the 2010 MTV Music Awards, perhaps her voluminous curls are just a bit of too much of a good thing. Cher is consumed in her curls and she would look better with a bit of a toned down volume, but true to form Cher takes her look to the extreme.

Perhaps you’ve seen a look this week that you’d like to try out. We’ve seen the wild and the beautiful. While you may not want to wear an exact style you’ve seen this week, your stylist can help you find a celebrity style that will match your face shape and lifestyle. Next week we’ll return to see what the celebrities are up to and what trends they are setting.

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