Trend Alert Pale Ash Blonde with Pastel Highlights – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Pale ash blonde hair with pastel highlights began showing up on runways a few seasons ago, and now this trend is catching on with celebrities and on the street. Pale blonde, almost gray/silver hair is very trendy this summer. Add a pop of pastel color and you’ve got a very feminine and sexy look. You have many options with this trend. You can have the pastel colors mixed into your hair as highlights, or have them peek out from under your hair in the back. Another popular look is for a pastel wash throughout your hair giving it a pink, purple, or blue tint.

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This style requires extensive hair color technique experience, so be sure to go to your stylist to get this look. To achieve the right shade of blonde, your stylist will have to bleach your hair to the correct level. For women or men who have very dark hair, this may take a few tries. Depending on the health of your hair, you may have to make more than one trip to the salon. This is so your hair does not become damaged. If you bleach your hair too much in one sitting protein bonds which hold your hair together may break down, and you can end up with a head of mushy broken hair.

Once your hair is to the proper level, your stylist will apply the shade of blonde you want, and then either place highlights of pastel colors, or a tint for an all over pastel look. Like all hair color services how you take care of your hair at home is important. Use products designed for color treated hair to keep your new color vibrant and fresh. These products contain ingredients to protect the color molecules in your hair and sunscreen to protect your new color from the sun. Moisture is important for color treated hair, so ask your stylist for recommendations on products and you can keep your new pastel color looking great between salon visits.

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