Go Blonde for Summer – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

This summer why not lighten things up with a gorgeous shade of blonde? Blondes come in all different colors and shades so you can find one to match your skin tone. One of the best ways to know what your skin tone is, is to look at the palm of your hands. If they have a red or pink hue, you have a cool complexion. If your palms look a bit gold or orange, your complexion is warm. You need to know this so you won’t choose a blonde shade that will either wash you out or clash with your skin tone.
Glamour Magazine UK

Once you know your skin tone, you and your stylist can select the shade and tone that will look best for you. In this picture Emma Stone has her hair colored a very lovely gold blonde shade. Another shade that is very popular right now is pale almost white blonde. There are blonde shades ranging from white to deep gold. If you don’t want to have an all over blonde shade, try ombre hair. Ombre hair is still a very trendy look. This look consists of dark hair that fade gently to blonde on the ends. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore have made the ombre look very popular. Highlights are another option if you want to perk up your winter hair color. Right now thin all over highlights are in style. This gives you a sunkissed beachy look.

Be sure to visit your stylist to get the right blonde shade for you. If you have dark hair she will need to bleach it to reach the correct level and then apply a toner to give it the rich color you want. Since bleached hair can be delicate, ask her for recommendations on professional products to keep your hair strong, healthy looking, and keep your color vibrant. Take the plunge and lighten up your looks with a stunning blonde shade for the summer. With your stylist’s help you can look like you’ve been lounging on the beach in no time.

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