Hair Styles


Crochet dreadlocks: give you the freedom of dreadlocks and a natural way to wear your hair. Dreadlocks: give you freedom and are a natural way to wear your hair. They look good on both men and women. Dreadlock extensions: give you your choice of colors ranging from pastels and hot colors to even gold or silver. Extensions w. Color: add color and even curls to short and medium hair. You can add all over color or highlights with extensions.
Japanese Straightening: is a safe alternative to harsh chemicals used in other straightening processes. It is long lasting and can actually help your hair. Straightening: Let your stylist straighten you hair for exceptional results and a sleek smooth look. Hair Relaxer: gives you soft and silky hair. Today’s relaxers are gentle on your hair and scalp. Man’s Business Cut: do not have to be boring. This man’s cut has movement and style.
Man’s Short Clipper Cut: are a classic style that is easy to care for and looks great on men of any age. Asian Haircut (Short): needs special attention to account for differences in facial structure. Fine hair requires a fine touch. Asian Haircut (Medium): can be coarse but with the right cut the natural wave pattern comes out. Kinky Twists: are a natural way to wear dreadlocks in your hair. They are easy to care for and look great.
Lace wigs: give you many styling options. Light weight and comfortable, lace wigs can cover hair loss, or completely change the texture of your hair. Updo: Make any occasion special. Perfect for weddings, prom or homecoming, updos are sophisticated and elegant. Braiding: This lovely bride to be has an elegant, braided style for her special day. Half updo: gives the same elegant look but with a more relaxed feel. Here pretty silk flowers are added for interest.
Bob Haircuts: with highlights are a classic style that is popular for women of all ages. Short Pixy: Fun and energetic style that is suited to any type of hair. It is youthful and flattering. Razor bangs: give you a soft, wispy look that frames the face and brings out your eyes. Coarse and wavy hair responds well to razor cuts. Wave perms: give hair body. This works well for medium to thick hair and gives fine hair much needed volume.
Trendy Haircuts: Keep up on the latest trends with a trendy haircut. Seen here styled forward with a side bang. Emo Haircut (boy): for men reflect your attitude and lifestyle. Disdaining some of the usual things? Emo may be right for you. Emo Haircut (girl): show your emotional style. More than just a style, Emo is a state of mind. Teen haircuts: can be simple like this blunt long cut or more daring, depending on your tastes.
Kid’s Messy / Skater: Very popular with skaters and young teens. It is easy to care for an easy to wear. Child’s Hair: Kids deserve some style, too. This faux hawk looks great and is appropriate for school and any occasion. Long Styling: can be a challenge to style, but with soft layers and curls you will have a lovely feminine look. Fine hair: needs to be cut to make the most of its natural wave pattern. Use stylist-recommended volumizing products to give fine hair lift and body.