Cold Weather Means Warm Color

Many women choose to color their hair a darker shade in the fall and winter. A chocolate brunette shade or a deep auburn can give you a new look for the cooler season. But what if you love your blonde shade? No worries, why not have your stylist place some strategic lowlights for a warmer look? Lowlights of caramel, cafe latte, even a deep red can warm up any hair color. Dark brunettes can have deep caramel or honey blonde highlights to add a bit of shine.

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Dark hair does not have to be boring. You can have chunky lowlights or frame your face with some color. Having the darker color near your face gives you a flattering frame and adds interest to your hair. Like highlights, lowlights can add movement by their placement. Your stylist can add both to create depth and a new look for the new season.

If you prefer to stick with an all over color, why not try a warm shade? Switch things up if you have always gotten an ash or cool color with a color that has gold and red tones. Your stylist can formulate a color that will not be brassy or orange. Many women shy away from gold and red because they are wary of the way the color will look on them. In this case a glaze of gold or warm brown can add warmth without completely changing your hair color.

Talk to your stylist about her recommendations. She knows what colors look best with your complexion and will have several suggestions to warm up your look for the cooler weather.

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Hairstyles in the News October 11, 2010

The stars are switching up their looks again. This week we have a bob causing a buzz, long and short blonds, and brunettes that are stunning. Celebrity hair styles are a good starting point for you to find a new style. You just might find one this week that you want to try.
Hollywood Life 10-06-2010

Keira Knightly is causing a buzz with her new sleek bob. Her new style is a bob that has a shorter graduated back and frames her face beautifully. This style compliments almost all facial shapes and is easy to care for. The chin length front is face framing and accentuates Keira’s large brown eyes. Women with a round face will find this style especially flattering as well as women who have square or triangle facial shapes. This is one of the hottest styles this fall and Keira sets the trend for Hollywood and down the street.
Hollywood Life 10-04-2010

Taylor Momsen was seen rocking long blond locks on the set of ‘Gossip Girl,’ on October 8, in NYC. Not only is she a star on screen, but she was recently selected to be the face of Madonna’s new clothing line Material Girl. She is also the face of John Galliano’s new fragrance fragrance Parler moi d’Amour. Her blond curls accentuate her dark smokey eyes. You can get this look with your own hair or with human hair extensions.
Hollywood Life 10-04-2010

Eve Mendez was looking glamorous at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra on October 4th. Her side part and long chestnut brown hair looks great with her natural sultry Latin beauty. This long layered cut gives Eve many options and can be worn down and luxurious as in this picture or pulled up in a ponytail or an updo.
Hollywood Life 10-07-2010

Last week we saw Kelly Osbourne in a retro ponytail and black velvet ribbon. This week she is wearing her mid-length blond hair down and curly. Kelly was attending the VIP dinner at Fendi’s new Los Angeles boutique on October 7th. Kelly looks lovely whether her hair is pulled back or worn loose and natural. This is another flattering style for most face shapes and since it is lightly layered you can wear it with volume or sleek and straight.
Hollywood Life 10-04-2010

The 17 year old star of the Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove, looked very polished and mature at the ELLE and Express “25 at 25” event in W. Hollywood on October 4th. She had her long hair curled at the event, but also wears it straight and sleek. This hairstyle added a bit of glamor to an already beautiful young star.
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Kristen Stewart has gone from brunette to blond recently. The Twilight star wanted a new look and she has chose a color that highlights her eyes and compliments her creamy complexion. This is a new look for the star and the jury is out on whether or not it is a good one for her, but she seems to have pulled it off rather well.

The Quiff is back and Scarlet Johansson is wearing it in style. This classic do is easy to maintain and is cool and polished. A bit of lift in the front gives the Quiff a modern look that is flattering to any facial shape.

You can have any of these styles with a visit to your stylist. She is your best resource for finding a style and color that will compliment your facial shape and skin tone.

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What High Ammonia Hair Color Can Do to Your Hair

We all want to maintain somewhat youthful looks and occasionally enjoy a new hair color just to perk us up. It’s all in the name of beauty and she is a powerful force to be reckoned with. This is why hair color has become so mainstream.

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Unless you are careful though about where and how you color your hair, you could end up damaging your hair permanently. Most box hair color products on the shelves contain ammonia. Ammonia is a known alkaline chemical that is used to open up the hair shaft so that the color or dye sticks for a couple of weeks to one month. The amount of ammonia in the hair color is a big factor in determining what the effects will be. For example, as a rule, the more blonde you want your hair color to be, the more ammonia content can be found in the product.

You will know the hair color product has ammonia because it has a distinct smell that stays on your hair for about 12 to 24 hours after you color your hair. If you keep using the hair color with ammonia, you expose yourself to high level of this chemical. What happens? You can expect any or all of the following effects:

  • Damaged hair
  • Dry hair and dry scalp
  • Irritation, redness, rashes
  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff or itchy scalp
  • Nausea

The problem is not just these effects but the long term side effects, some of which are still unknown or unverified to this day. The issue is not what the long side effects will be, rather when will they start showing up.

You do not have to use hair color with ammonia just to get the hair color you want. A talented and conscientious colorist will choose higher quality products than you get at low dollar salons or supermarkets. Low ammonia hair color is the best. You’ll notice that it doesn’t even have the smell, when it’s being applied, will likely have built in conditioners, and will last longer against fade.

Beauty does not have to achieved at such high costs to your health. Consult your colorist. Ask about the color being used. Smell the air, and you’ll know right away about the ammonia content.

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