Custom Toupee

The general rule about things "off the rack" is they don't fit like they were made for you. A fully tailored approach not only ensures your hair looks like your hair, but it FITS like it's yours as well.

Anastasia is one of the most experienced makers and fitters of custom toupees for men and women in the Oklahoma City / Edmond OK area. Don't waste time chasing other solutions. Start here.

Toupee in OKC

Forget Anxiety

Whether it's your FIRST toupee or a better replacement, one of the first things a lot of clients bring up is anxiety. It's fine to be nervous, but you don't have to be. You and Anastasia will both agree on the goals. They ARE achievable.

Get a consultation and let's get you looking like you were born in that hair. Or at least like you grew up with it! 😊