Hair Extensions

Note: All human hair extensions are highest quality and can be professionally colored.

High quality human hair extensions:

  • The most beautiful form of human hair extensions are premium remi hair with healthy & living cuticles.
  • The softest and thinnest hair wefts with new hair extension technology are amazingly sturdy and flexible.
  • Delicately woven hair wefts allow no shedding from hair extensions, and reduce irritation to scalp surface.
  • Shed free, tangle free, itch free, irritation free hair extensions begin with high quality human hair extensions.
  • Care for you extensions properly, as recommended by a hair extensions expert and master stylist.
  • Don’t skimp on the quality of human hair extensions, or any product you’re putting into your hair.

Everyone differs a little in how comfortable they find different kinds of extensions (e.g. sew-in vs. locking). The stylist starting with highest quality materials ensures optimum experience.