About Style By Anastasia

Style By Anastasia

Since 2007

Anastasia began, like all stylists, as a student hairdresser. After graduating top of her class, she did a multi-year stint at the Regis Salon chain before launching her own business, Style By Anastasia which has since built an enthusiastic and devoted clientele. Anastasia has been featured on a nationally syndicated television show, routinely consulted by photographers and publications to style their models before shoots, participated in national shows, and pursued additional education abroad to master innovative techniques that otherwise wouldn't make it to the US for years.

Anime Hair

Anime and KPOP

There's a reason JPOP/KPOP like Gangnam style is so catchy, and Korean/Japanese animation (anime') like Seoul Station is so popular. There's a vibrance and creativity driving innovation in Asian culture that extends to style and beauty as well as, importantly, some of the most interesting beauty products and hairstyling techniques in the world. Anastasia has adapted those products and techniques for an American audience. She appeared in 2010 on Hulu's America's Greatest Otaku. Anastasia does for hair what a KPOP performer or anime' creator does for the screen.

Oklahoma City and Edmond

Anastasia has been in the Oklahoma Metro area for 22 years. As an entrepreneur with a strong network of friends and family, and the love of an enormous dog, she continues to deliver world-class beauty services to the Sooner State's most discerning clients.