Hair Loss Volumizing

Hair loss is normal but can be disappointing. The good news is there are MULTIPLE techniques and options available for volumizing your hair. You're not limited to a single solution.

Anastasia is one of the most experienced stylists focusing on hair loss and volumizing in the Oklahoma City / Edmond OK area. What have you got to lose (except possibly more hair)? 😊  Make an appointment for a consultation and start looking your best!

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Edmond OKC Hair Loss Specialist

Men and Women

Anastasia is equally talented with concealing and reducing hair loss, whether you're a male or female, suffering from pattern baldness or dealing with a medical issue that causes hair thinning or loss.

Explain your situation, and Anastasia will have ideas on how to help. Woven hair design, lace wig, and custom toupee are all possible options.