This Season’s Hot Style is a Blonde Pixie Cut – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Not long ago Miley Cyrus tweeted pictures her new short blonde pixie cut. It would seem she started a bit of a trend. Last Tuesday Elisabeth Moss showed off her new blonde pixie cut at the premier of For a Good Time, Call in NYC. This is a very attractive style and can be worn by almost all women. It looks best on women with delicate features, but your stylist can tailor a pixie look for your facial shape and hair texture. While blonde seems to be the preferred color of the season, many other colors are still very popular. Red, chocolate brunettes, and even pastels are very chic.
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The key to getting a good pixie cut is to find a stylist who can work with your hair’s natural texture and thickness. Cutting very thick and wavy hair is much different than working with very straight or thin hair. Your stylist should be versed in all types of hair texture and thickness to give you a pixie that will work with your natural hair and not against it. Using the right styling products will also make a world of difference. If you have thick wavy or curly hair, use some gel to keep everything under control and prevent frizz. On the other hand if you have thin or very straight hair, a bit of styling paste will add volume and movement to your hair.

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean your styling options are limited. You can wear your pixie straight and combed down flat, with some texture, curls, or waves, or if you’re daring spike it up with super hold paste or gel. Add a pretty bow, barrette, or clip for a pretty look. Since a pixie is a short cut it is important to make sure your scalp is healthy. This will give you shiny and healthy looking hair. Use moisturizing products and avoid any styling products which contain alcohol since they will dry out your scalp and your hair. Avoid product build up by using a clarifying shampoo at least twice a month, more often if you use a lot of product. These products remove any left over build up that can make your hair lay flat and look dull. Ask your stylist to give you a short pixie this season, and join in this very pretty and feminine trend.

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