Easy Short Hairstyles for Men

Short hair is a hot look for men again this season and it doesn’t have to be boring. Styling products give men a wide variety of choices when it comes to style and texture. Gel, mousse, paste, wax and pomade give you the control you need to be creative. You live an active life and you want to look your best in the minimum amount of time. No time for muss or fuss – it’s up and out the door.

hair styling with hair gel
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First start with a great cut. Whether your prefer a clipper cut or a scissor cut, find a stylist that will listen to what you want and help you choose a style that is compatible with your face shape and lifestyle. Next use professional quality products. Again your stylist can help you with recommendations for the style you want to create. Armed with a great cut and superior products you’re ready to start styling.

One of the most popular looks is a faux hawk. This is basically a short cut that is longer on the top of your head than on the sides. Wash your hair and towel dry it. Apply a dime size amount of gel to your hands and rub them together to loosen up the gel. Run your hands through the top of your hair and pull it up. Use your fingers to get the hair on your crown to stand up and pull it forward.

Another popular look is to take some wax or pomade and slick back the sides while pulling the top of your hair forward. If you want a sleek look use gel all over and then comb your hair back. Once the gel dries you will get a wet look that will stay in place. If you prefer a messy but chic look, wash your hair and towel dry it. Use mousse on the roots and blow dry your hair using your fingers to style it. Apply a small amount of paste and piece it out with your fingertips. The ultimate in easy care is the buzz cut. Simply have your stylist use her clippers and ask her to use a #2 or #3 guide all over. Ask her to edge your hair to give you a polished look that is very hot right now.

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Upcoming Holiday 2010 Trends

Although Halloween is just behind us, the Holiday Season is fast approaching. What are the trends this year for holiday parties and get togethers? Big hair, metallic eye shadow and red lipstick are upcoming trends that any woman can incorporate into her look. Big hair had its heyday back in the ’80s and while today’s take on big hair isn’t quite so big and beautiful, you can have a full glamorous look easily with the right cut and the right products. Big hair works best on shoulder length or longer hair.


First wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. These products contain ingredients that help boost your hair’s volume and keep it up.

Next use a mousse or styling gel that will give you lots of body and shine. Flip your head over and blow dry your hair until it is almost dry concentrating on the root area. Stand up, flip your hair back and continue to use your blow dryer scrunching with your fingertips.

Apply a heat protecting product and use a large barrel curling iron throughout your hair. You can then apply a setting spray or give your roots a bit of a backcomb to really go all out with the big hair theme.

Your last step is a firm hold spray and then you’re ready to go.

Match this with pretty metallic eyeshadow in gold or copper and red lips and you will be on trend this holiday season and looking great. Start with a great haircut and professional styling products recommended by your stylist and you can look great through the New Year and beyond.

Call now to book an appointment. Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, OK. Out of town appointments welcome.