How to Create the Perfect Pincurl

Pincurls are an easy and quick way to create waves and curls. They are an often overlooked styling option, but are very effective and give you lots of volume. Creating the perfect pincurl isn’t hard, but it might take some practice. Once you get the technique down you’ll be able to use this styling option whenever you want curls or waves. Pincurls work on almost any length of hair. If your hair is long enough to wrap around your finger a few times, it’s long enough for pin curls.

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Image by Frédérique in NZ via Flickr

First apply smoothing cream to damp hair. Blow dry your hair until it is almost dry, but still a bit damp. Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around your finger. Secure it with a few bobby pins. The size and tension of the pincurl will determine how much curl and volume you get. You can either sleep on your pincurls or finish blow drying them with the diffuser attachment on low heat. When your hair is completely dry and cool, take the pincurls down and backcomb your hair a bit at the roots. Brush through your hair gently for soft waves, or use your fingers to fluff up your curls. Spray with hair spray to finish.

All great styles start with a great cut. Be sure to keep up on your appointments so your stylist can get rid of any dead ends and keep your style in shape.

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