Make A Bold Fashion Statement With The Latest 2010 Punk Hair Styles

In the world we live in, diversity, creativity, and originality always attracts attention. It draws people to look and stare, especially if what they see is pleasing to the eye. Punk hair is all these. However, there is a thin line with punk hair styles between what is considered fashionable, and what is considered simply atrocious.

Image by Chris Weisberg via Flickr

Finding the right balance is what 2010 hair styles is all about. With punk hairstyles, you need to make sure that it will compliment, not just your outfit, but, your face, your lifestyle, and the overall image you want to project.

Shocking the world with a punk hair do is not that big a deal anymore. What will make people stop and appreciate the punk look is if it is styled properly, not grungy-looking, and timely.

The latest in punk hairstyles that are going to create the right image for you are the windswept look, punk Mohawk, the skate punk look, and the Gothic punk style.

The windswept look is the easier hair cut to shift to punk. All you need is a great textured cut, and then you style it with colors, hard fringes, and the right make-up. The beauty of this hair style is that it is very versatile and low maintenance.

On the other hand, the punk Mohawk look is high maintenance, and will need a lot of styling products and time to get the right look. Usually, with this edgy hair cut, you need to highlight the difference in style with vivid colors, braids, and hair length. You also have the option of creating spikes or leaving it short.

The skate punk hair style is an asymmetrical cut that should have highlights and spikes. Check out Kelly Osborne to get the idea.

Another word for Gothic is the horror look. It has the expected short spiky look, usually in dark hair colors. This is the “I am dangerous” kind of look that a woman can try, but will not always be appropriate in all occasions. While it is going to be a liberating experience to try this hair style, it is usually reserved for the younger generation.

If you want to try the punk hair style, but are afraid to go all out, then keep your hair length longer than the boy cut. You can also get faux Mohawks or choppy edges. Finally, the hair colors you decide on should be more on the neutral side, than on the bright oranges or green. This way, its extremely easy to shift to a more conservative look.

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