Emo Hair – It’s an Emo World Out There

So many people have tried to define what Emo is but none have succeeded. Emo culture defies definition by its very nature. No one set of rules is written in stone to follow. Each person defines their life and style in their own way. Conventional culture does not understand that underneath all the colorful hair and heavy makeup lives a tender heart that finds beauty in the world. Although common threads run through the Emo culture, you are free to choose your own path.

Emo Hair
Image by Evan Hamilton via Flickr

Self-expression is perhaps the one defining characteristic of Emo. Facial and body piercing are very popular. Snakebites, eyebrow piercings, labre’s, spiderbites, antbites, angelbites, noserings, bridge piercings, tongue piercings and monroes let you express your individuality in a unique way.

Emo fashion can range from light hearted style to deep dark almost Goth fashions. Black plays an important role in Emo fashion. A mixture of black and bright color gives a base for some really interesting styles. Girls with short skirts might mix them with leggings and black trenchcoats with metal accents are popular for the guys. Jewelry is worn by girls and guys alike. Ears can be gauged with small 20 rings to one to two inch plates. Tapers, posts and rings can have colorful balls or spikes on the ends and come in graduating sizes worn by both sexes.

Makeup is not for girls only in the Emo world. Guys and girls alike wear deep black eye liner. Many girls are very creative with their makeup application. Pale faces with little or no blush contrast to deep heavily made up eyes. Lips are clear and glossy with little or no color. The effect of this mixture of color and sheerness is striking.

Although separate from Emo, Anime has had a large influence in hair styles. Anime features many layers and a bright color palette. Long layers in front that taper into points and graduate to short spikes in the back are a popular style for girls. Choppy short layers over long razor shaped locks give the traditional shag an Emo flavor. Bangs play an important part of Emo hair. They can be swept to one side, feathered and long or shaped into a triangle or inverted “v”. You can be as creative as you imagine and an experienced stylist can take you to a new level of style. Hairstyles for girls and boys contain choppy layers that add texture and movement to the hair. Products help to sculpt and shape hair. Many girls and guys spend a lot of time to the “bedhead” look.

Shots of color like pink, vibrant blue or purple, orange and even green give hair an edgy look. Many Emo styles use pale blonde mixed with vibrant colors. Another option is a blue-black with highligts of hot colors like pink or yellow. Color choices may include soft hints of color on the ends or mixed in with highlights. Color follows the structure of your cut and adds interest. Contrast and unexpected placement is key for hair color. Vibrant colored hairbands and cute anime hair accessories can add to your style. Anything unexpected that adds interest and expression to your look are a go in Emo.