The Hot New Hair Styles for 2010 For Fine Hair

The idea you should keep in mind with fine hair is how to create volume. However, this can go overboard very easily if you allow it to. Here are easy ways to puff up your fine hair while staying fashionable this 2010.

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Image by Fabiana Zonca via Flickr

Try bouffant ponytail hair styles for the perfect day look which can have a dozen different looks on its own. You can also create some waves if you have medium to long hair. This will glam up your look for the evenings.

Other hair styles for fine hair that is going to be a huge hit are the Bob, layered look, bangs, and the structured hair style.

The Bob is a great choice for women with fine hair because it’s length will create an image of movement, and this translates to the perception of body. It will also usually compliment the cheekbones and your chin.

The layered look can easily go overboard if you have too much layers. For instance, with fine hair, if you add layer upon layer, the end result will emphasis your fine hair. Maintain a medium length hair cut with more tapering towards the ends of the hair. Avoid layering the hair all over. If your hair is curly but fine, you should get more curls to give the illusion of volume in your hair. Use the scrunching method if your curls are natural; or a styling aid like the curling iron.

Fine hair needs to be less bogged with styling products. Thus, as much as possible avoid using too much gel or spray. Keep away from the bold razor look, and avoid using too much heat on your hair. You should consider adding texture and highlights to give the impression of thick hair. You can also use bangs – either full bangs or gentle fringes to create the fuller hair image.

Fine hair is not a bad thing to have, but you need to know how to style it to make full use of your thin hair’s advantages. Also, know the type of hair you have so that you can choose the appropriate fine hair style for you.