How to Revitalize An After-Appointment Hairstyle

Ok, so you left the salon, feeling great, and you’re ecstatic about your new look; however, a week later you notice that your hair is looking and feeling a little dry, and the lock’s super swing that everyone was raving about seems to be getting a bit limp. This dilemma usually attacks the client who went a little too far with the blow-dryer after leaving their appointment.

hair photoDon’t worry gals; we’re here to explain some easy ways on how to rejuvenate your style, which will help you earn a few more weeks in between appointments.

Argan Oil

One of a pro-stylists’ most favorite, must-have-product for revitalizing limp-dry hair is Argan Oil. This frizz-control wonder nourishes and softens floppy hair and gives it that sleek, supreme-body finish that clients expect after leaving the chair. Argan Oil works best if purchased as a leave-in spray. To apply the treatment, hold the bottle eight to ten inches away from your locks and spray, or you can hairbrush it in. Argan Oil also will help seal your hair cuticles and repair your split ends after applying a small amount to your hands to be worked into towel-dried hair. After the application, just style as normal.

Oil-Infused Shampoo

Next up, we’ll need to fuel-inject your locks. To permeate your hair with some restoring product you’ll need some oil-infused shampoo sitting in your arsenal. This shampoo-cleanser is specially prepared to hydrate hair with crucial moisture and to bring back the hair’s natural, healthy state. The shampoo also will work to augment vivacity and radiance on the ends. For best results, work the shampoo into wet hair and massage gently before rinsing away. You should be left with enticing locks that you’ll love to style! Of course, an oil-infused conditioner should accompany the shampoo, which will smooth out locks before the blow dry. A matching conditioner eliminates knots and tangles, beforehand, so you won’t have to pull and tug at any stubborn hair when styling it.

Oil Based Finishing Treatment

To finish off, salon-style oil treatment is the decisive cosset-product for achieving exciting, professional-style locks. Look for a product that is infused with marula oil to bring lifeless hair the elasticity it will need to be transformed into a celebrity hairstyle. Most oil-based finishing treatments possess an evaporating formula that spreads an ultra-fine layer of extra protection over the hair to stop the roots from frizz-frustration, which promotes serious shine and bounce. Marula oil also offers hair strength and style hold when spread evenly over the locks. But, be sure not to overdo it; a pea-sized amount massaged into towel-dried hair before applying the styling iron will work just fine.


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