Hollywood Lowdown: The Swag Is Going Mainstream

Once upon a time (really only about four seasons ago), the long bob cut excelled to fame, showing up on celebrities like Sharon Stone, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie. Countless others ostensibly followed quickly. But before it became the must-have cut of the year, long bobs gathered steam in Hollywood hair salons under the radar.

bangs photo
Photo by Bright Meadow

On that note, most pro-stylist look at today’s Hollywood haircuts to get a taste of what will probably go mainstream in the next season. What we found this summer is what seems like the evolution of the lob or what westerns like to call: The Swag!

Now, most pro-stylist are officially on swag watch in 2015; keep reading to discover what this cut is all about, and exactly how to maintain the cut at home based on your hair type!

Breaking Down The Swag

This cut is about trimming lobs and big waves into a swigging shag with long layers and I-can-see-you bangs. The swag is executed at different lengths, depending on your face shape. The key to getting it right is to employ lots of razor texture and movement in the hair. Think bohemian or Brigitte Bardot.

Most lobs transition well into a swag cut. Clients who sport swags like the fact that not only does it makes them feel like their hair is longer and more playful, but also, the cut slashes their blow dry time in half too.

It’s All In The Bangs

It seems that everyone wants to try bangs when it starts to get cold outside, which is the reason why so many gals are starting to swag in late September. Wavy and curly hair clients usually leave their appointment with curtain bangs layering around the face–a mini swag, while long bobs go for the full swag– curtain bang with layers all over.

Thin Hair

Volumizing shampoos offer the most body and movement on fine hair swag cuts; and don’t forget to throw in an extra volume conditioner to beef up your strands. Applying a good texturing sea spray on semi damp hair will also increase the curl and texture in fine hair.

Medium Curly Hair

The key here is to keep your swag hair from frizzing, and at the same time, maintain the cut’s natural wave. Swag users with medium hair will find that applying an anti-frizz leave-in treatment on damp hair will keep all their tresses in place.

Bulky or Wavy Hair

Clients who sport curly hair swags must keep the textured cut defined and separated. Enter the oil-based styling cream, a pro-salon product that gives hair shine and a sort of relaxed, I-just-got-out-of-bed look, with separation.


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