Take A Pro-Look at Today’s Curls

Tresses, waves and spirals, wow! With so many different types of curls, how are you supposed to know which wave will have you looking spectacular? Well, you don’t have to lose any hair over this one, here’s my guide on curls and how to get them working for you.

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Hollywood Tresses

A So-Cal tress is a classic hairstyle for the woman who wants to turn on her glam for a big night out. To achieve traditional, old-Hollywood tresses, a pro-stylist will need to wrap sections of your hair around a large curling wand while tossing the locks opposite of the follicle’s direction. Once the wand releases the hair, the trick is to catch the lock and use the hand to maintain its new shape. Afterwards, the stylist will just need to roll up the waves and use bobby-pins to attach them to the scalp for cooling. Finally, when the hair has cooled down, each pin is released individually and gently brushed through for reaping soft and fluffy tresses. Think Reese Witherspoon hair!

Bouncy Waves

Kate Middleton became a poster-child for the 2010 bouncy-wave look. For undulating-ends that the Duchess of Cambridge herself would be proud of, the stylist must begin by applying a mousse through the mid-hair to the ends. After, a gal can expect an upside-down blow-dry while her stylist sweeps the mousse hair with a boar-brittle brush. When locks are dry, large end sections of hair are clipped into a curling tong and rolled with extra-large curlers. Bounce is added by breaking up the curls’ tightness into elegant waves.

Ruffled Curls

These waves are every gal’s in-your-face hairstyle. Whether you have long, mid-length thick or fine hair–ruffled waves can make anyone look good! To get perfect ruffled curls, your stylist will begin by misting your damp hair with a texturizing spray and rough drying your hair by using his or her fingers. The trick here is to keep the hair messy when drying, as the goal is to achieve texture. Finally, you can count on your stylist wrapping vertical sections of your hair around a mid-sized curling wand to execute total ruff-ness.

Beach Waves

Actress, Mila Kunis proved to the gals that you don’t need to live by a gorgeous beach all year long to own beach curls! A little spritz of salt spray after washing and blowing dry with fingers while crushing the hair will get the job done; but, it’s important not to go overboard on the spritz, unless you want crunchy-hair. Gals who desire a more sun-kissed look can ask their stylist to apply a curling wand on random sections of hair in alternating directions so the waves will come across more natural and uneven.


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