How to Stay In-Vogue Without the Hassle

In today’s fast-moving fashion arena, hairstyle fads shift without warning. A ‘do considered exciting and trendy today, may soon develop into ancient and boring flair by the month’s end.

Consequently, going for bi-monthly style adjustments is not only expensive, but it also can be damaging on a woman’s precious locks.

So, what choices are out here for people who want to stay in-vogue vigilantly without having to break the bank to get there?

Think clip-in hair extensions; these little miracles allow folks to flaunt new looks with no full-makeover obligation necessary.

Today’s pro-attitude on extensions is more about providing the client with lock opulence and flexibility rather than just extending her existing hair length.

Hence, clip-on extensions in 2016 not only add gorgeous tress-volume, but they also allow women to achieve contemporary-mode changes devoid of hair-damaging chemicals.

And guess what? People who go for clip-on extensions won’t have to purchase new ones each month to stay in vogue….

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Photo by Stacie Stacie Stacie

Month One: Own Pop-Star Hair

Ever wonder how those red carpet celebrities change their hair mode so quickly in between award ceremonies? Believe it or not, clip-in hair pieces play a big role in a superstar’s hairstyle.

Clip-on hair extensions and some pro styling prep with hair product facilitate adorable-safe changes, as “fashion weeks” around the world decide which hairstyles are in and which ones are out.

Here’s a perk for ya’;transforming your extensions into a new look overnight may only call for your stylist to add some volumizing spray and mousse to get them into pop-star vogue, which is a much more affordable and easier solution then having to endure a full makeover.

Month Two: Add Some Coloring

Your stylist can also hand paint your human hair extensions with color; which can transform your entire look.

Just image this, month two has arrived and sun-kissed hair color is in; with a little lightening or darkening at the ends, a clip-on extension owner can quickly fly into mainstream without a hassle.

Coloring these extensions takes less than an hour to perform, and the new change in no way damages the existing locks.

Month Three: Go for the Curls

Next, think waves! Another month has passed, and everyone on the red carpet has curls.

Well, no problem for the clip-on. Your stylist can just pass an iron over them with a bit of product, and you’ll be going home with some 2016 S-shaped waves.

Or maybe you live near the ocean and want to show off some beachy waves during the summertime. Hollywood stars are famous for sporting these loose curls, but what a lot of folks don’t know is that they’re using the same clip-on extensions that were straight just a few months ago.

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