Three Diverse Hair Straightening Solutions For 2016

Everyone loves curly hair, but let’s get one thing straight (no pun intended); there are millions of women out there who are tired of their disobedient waves and long for natural-looking, straight locks.

It’s not that these folks detest their hair’s innate texture; they simply find it tough to control their tight curls hair each day.

Nowadays, changing a hair’s texture is an uncomplicated task when using chemical solutions and applying specialized instruments, correctly, to get the job done.

So, let’s talk this week about the difference between three hair straightening game changers; hair re-bonding, hair straightening and hair smoothening.

fun hair photoHair Re-bonding:

Re-bonding the mane requires a special modus operandi for straightening the hair. It’s a permanent way out for women with substantial “out-of-control” curls or disorderly waves.

When sitting in the chair for this procedure, the client can expect her locks to take on a chemical, bond-breaking bath. The compounds in a re-bonding wash penetrate different lock layers and get them ready for texture re-arrangement via styling tools, later.

The entire procedure is high maintenance, which means that it can take a pro-stylist over five hours to complete. A re-bonding treatment will also last until your hair grows out.

Heat Straightening:

Heat straightening is hair re-bonding without the chemicals.

Here, the pro-stylist uses instrument heat from flat irons, blow dryers and other pro-tools to make the hair seem straighter.

Aesthetic hair straightening solutions may also include the usage of safe relaxing agents found in today’s specialized shampoo and conditioners.

Just remember, this hair straightening procedure is only a temporary fix, which is contrary to the permanent perks found in re-bonding.

Hair Smoothening:

Hair smoothening will work for folks with any hair texture (wavy, curly or straight) that holds unmanageable frizz.

Hence, the pro-stylist’s task, here, will be to stabilize the frizz and even it out for more controllable, silky-straight hair.

Hair smoothening requires a protein wash to eliminate frizz; the smoothening proteins employed in this straightening approach damage the hair less, when weighing it against re-bonding chemicals and heat straightening solutions.

If applied correctly, a professional hair smoothening job can last up to five months; the end result also produces more natural-looking tresses.

So, this is certainly the way to go, if you are searching for soft and shiny texture that can fool people into thinking that it’s your natural-born hair.

And there you have it! Remember to ask your stylist about all the particulars on any of the three straightening procedures mentioned above to make certain that you’ll choose the option which will work best for you.

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