The Blonde Color Guide For All Skin Complexions

Why is it that every now and then most of us feel the urge to go blonde? Is it because they have more fun; or perhaps we just enjoy the way how the sun perfectly compliments champagne hair when tanning on the beach.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll be happy to know that everyone can walk around with light-colored hair, regardless of their skin type; however, not every blonde hue is the same.

This means that you and your colorist will ultimately have to discover the right flaxen tone to enhance the mane and compliment your complexion as well.

Believe me; this task can seem really complex for novice clients, which is why we decided to write some guidelines on what blondes perform best for unlike skin tones.

Now, you’ll know exactly what hue to look forward to the next time you visit your salon for a blonde makeover.

blonde photoLight Skin with Cool Nuances

If you own pale or fair skin with traces of cool undertones, we recommend you take on a golden or strawberry blonde tone just like Gwyneth Paltrow does. Notice how these flaxen warm her complexion instead of making it appear lighter.

Light Skin with Warm Nuances

Taylor Swift knows that her reddish skin tone can become extra light in the paparazzo’s lens, if she doesn’t get her hair tone right. Colors like ice, champagne, or platinum work gorgeously well here, and they will deactivate most innate blush color from the skin’s appearance.

Medium Skin with Cool Nuances

Sun-kissed blonde matches medium facial tones that stray on the cooler side. Jennifer Aniston’s butterscotch and lemon shades prove that women with this complexion that can use sun-kissed color to their advantage for calming down their rash skin tones.

Medium Skin with Warm Nuances

Actress and professional dancer Julianne Hough adds sandy or wheat-neutral flaxen to her locks for assistance in revealing her skin’s natural-warm glow, which is why we suggest that women who own medium-light complexions do the same.

Olive Skin

Did you know that the pros consider Jennifer Lopez’s skin texture to carry an olive tone? This is why most of us see her flaunting anything neutral that’s between warm and cool. Honey or toffee blondes are neutral-tone models that will look naturally-healthy on olive skin.

Dark Skin with Cool Nuances

Here, think caramel and golden hues, like the ones in Rihanna’s gilded locks, for awarding an obsequious dissimilarity to the darker skin tone.

Dark Skin with Warm Nuances

Ebony complexions without cooler facial countenances can safely go sable or amber blonde to enhance their instinctively warm skin tone. Actress Gabrielle Union gives us professionals motivation and optimism to recognize that this color absolutely works.

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