Trending Hair Styles for the Holidays and 2011

The days of women trying on a more mannish look are long gone, but short hair styles are still very much in fashion. The difference between short hair then and what’s hot for this holiday season, and into 2011, is the fragile femininity of the hair. However, you can still expect to see polished up-do looks on women who prefer to keep their long hair but want to stay in fashion.

Woman with natural red hair
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This means that short hair for 2011 will have a major slant of the womanly side, and this also includes hair color. This is because women are more confident of their achievements and potential than ever before. With even more women in positions of authority than ever, short hair styles remain a growth area (forgive the pun). Expect more of the pixie cuts with wispy bangs; asymmetrical cuts; bobs with one side longer than the other; or even hair cuts with dainty ears peeking out.

For this winter holiday, since the cold weather has a drying effect on hair, keratin protein treatments will help you control frizz, and keep your hair soft and shiny. The treatment goes beyond normal, cheap protein treatments and puts back the moisture in your hair – so that whatever length your hair is, you won’t have to worry about nasty fly-aways and bad hair days.

If you want to look stylish this last quarter, color your hair at the most 2 shades darker or lighter. If you want a look that isn’t monochromatic, try using lighter color towards the tips or ends of your hair. You may read a lot about copper being the hottest color for the new year, but be cautious about using it – especially if it will not look natural. If so, try copper highlights, especially if your skin tone will not compliment the color of copper.

Come 2011, the trends will focus more on the health of your hair and which style suits your face and body frame. Instead of trying to copy your favorite celebrity (which is not always a good idea), consider getting the opinion of a professional hair stylist. These are the experts on hair styles since they not only look at your face, they also consider your hair color, health, body frame, your best facial features, and your skin tone. If there is a current top celebrity whose hair will fit you to perfection, the stylist will inform you. It’s the best way to give you a graphic example of how you can look at the end of a session with him or her.