How To Get and Maintain Top Model Hair

With the influx of so many fashion reality TV shows, one of the most envied parts for women is seeing super models flaunt hair changing styles instantly, and without apparently damaging the hair.

Beautiful natural healthy hair
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You can try to imitate the styles on your own, however you are taking a chance on damaging your hair from either too much heat, dryness, or hair products. This is extremely important because repairing hair takes months.

In the reality fashion TV shows, you will notice that most of the models keep their hair in its natural state, and simply vary the lengths to fit their face frame. In other words, models with straight hair keep it straight, and don’t try experimenting on permanent curls. Any deviations are usually temporary, and done for special occasion or theme shots.

Here are some tips you will find useful to keep your hair looking model fabulous and eye-catching.

Nutrition and stress speaks through your hair, skin, and nails. If you are eating the wrong food and not getting enough rest, it will show in these three elements. Then, when you start styling your hair, you could suffer from hair loss just like that. Ponytails and braids will put pressure on your hair strands and follicles, causing tearing and split ends. If you plan on going on a diet, take supplements to keep your hair and skin well maintained such as those with Vitamin E.

If you are passing through a stage where your hormones are going wild, expect your hair to suffer. You can preempt this by adjusting your diet and exposure to sun, adjusting your hair products to add more moisture, or seeing a doctor to get a boost of the right hormone supplements.

You should spend some time letting experts care for your hair professionally. This means a monthly visit to your stylist. You don’t necessarily go to a salon for a hair trim. You can go in for a hot oil, shampoo, massage, and conditioning treatments. If you really want to look like a model, your hair is your crowning glory. No ifs, no buts. And accept that it will cost you some money to maintain healthy hair. The exact amount is up to you, and you can lower this amount by a huge margin if you follow the first tip of eating and sleeping right.