Top Hair Styles for Spring Dances

As the first weeks of the new year come to a close and the warm temperatures of spring become more frequent, everyone’s thoughts turn to the upcoming spring dances. Spring dances are a fantastic way to usher in the new year as well as a new season. They allow you to shake off the winter doldrums that often set in after the hustle, bustle and excitement of the winter holidays. Get a jump start on the events by exploring the different options you have for hair styles.

braided hair photo
Photo by Debs (ò‿ó)♪


Intricate braiding continues to be a favorite when you want to add more sophistication and charm to your hair. Unlike the traditional single braid that is worn down the back or two simple braids on either side of your head, the trendy braiding of today adds sensual style and depth to your hair. A bonus for this technique is that you don’t necessarily need long hair to pull it off. In many cases, even short hair can be braided since many of the braids start at the top of the head before circling the crown or simply flowing into the existing hair.

Half Up Half Down

The always popular half up half down hair style adds glamour to your look. Curls, braids and waves are just a few of the special effects that can be added into this hair style. It also allows your face to be more visible, showing off any special makeup or accessories such as earrings. Even if you are a girl who has short hair, don’t think that this style is out of your reach. With a hair extension, you can enjoy the versatility and beauty of long hair for this special occasion.

Go Retro

Retro looks are really trendy this spring and there is no better place to try one out than at your first dance of spring. Super easy to pull off, styles like a bouffant are actually easier to accomplish with shorter hair. This is not to say that you girls with long hair cannot enjoy this carefree, throwback look. It will just probably take you a bit longer to get it to look perfect. You will also need lots of hair spray to get it to stay looking nice throughout the evening.

Go for Curls

You don’t have to wear your long hair up to make a fabulous impression on dance night. Adding graceful and charming curls is also a fantastic way to jazz up your super-cute short ‘do. Curls can be loose and almost sloppy like gentle waves or they can be a bit more defined for a more streamlined look. Either way, curls add pizzazz and definition.

Contact Anastasia to celebrate the spring dance season of 2015 with a fresh hair style that could usher in a completely new look for you. You might like it so much that you end up adopting the look all year ’round!