Take Your Ponytail From Blah to Stylish

Hair that is medium in length, or even longer, has always been a popular way for women to style it. There is so much that can be done with hair this length, making it very versatile. Long and loose adds a carefree and romantic feel while putting your hair up infuses sophistication. There are some points in time, though, that you might want your hair out of your way temporarily. That’s when a ponytail becomes your best friend.

Are Ponytails Boring?

Putting your hair up in a ponytail is a quick and easy way to get your hair up off your neck and out of your way. Are they boring though? If you are like many women, your answer to this is a resounding YES! After all, the only item you need to put your hair in a ponytail is an elastic, and perhaps a brush if your hair has a tendency to be a bit unruly. Because it is so easy to accomplish, though, many women get into a rut and simply throw their hair up in a standard ponytail even if they are bored with the style.

Add Braids to Increase Sophistication

ponytail braid  photo
Photo by Wicker Paradise

You can really add a great deal of sophistication to an ordinary ponytail just be using braids to tie into it. Start with one braid that originates from the side of your head before securing it with an elastic about midway through and using the loose hair — along with your remaining hair — to make the ponytail. You can also use two braids — one on either side of your head — for this look.

Go For Segments

A segmented ponytail is exactly what it sounds like. You pull different parts of your hair into segments to get a look that is fun and anything but boring. Also called a bubble ponytail, you can style this in one of two ways. You can either segment the top section of your hair — this is particularly good for those of you with long bangs — and pull your hair back into a half up, half down style. With your remaining hair, add in the hair that is hanging free and clinch on an elastic every few inches. You can also skip the starting portion and just put your hair up in your favorite ponytail style — high or low — and add elastics every so often to make the hair ‘bubble’ up a bit.

With the versatility that is afforded you when you choose to wear a ponytail, the sky is the limit. You can twist your hair into curls and braids in an almost infinite number of ways. By getting creative with your ponytail, you can have a look that is far from boring — regardless of the time you have to spend on it.

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