Men With Thick Hair Are Looking Hip

Every now and then, stylists receive an earful from males with piles of hair making a fuss about thickness. Very dense hair does hold several styling challenges, but luckily, many exceptional stylists understand the most desirable method for tackling thick, lengthy, wavy or out-of-control hair for males is to offer them a mainstream hipster-cut.

The Mainstream Hipster-Cut

hipster photo
Photo by Christopher.Michel

Hipster hairdos are debatably one of the most-favored styles right now, and they do the job well for men of all ages. Thick-haired guys like Justin Bieber and David Beckham, who managed to incorporate an ultramodern hairdo-edge into their images, revamped the retro hipster-cut into what it has become today.

Color and Texture Is Actually Hipster Cool

Generally, a cutting-edge hipster-cut is an undercut or elevated fade on the sides and back, with sufficient hair length on the top for slicking, sweeping, separating or toning up. Texture is the secret to a fantastic hipster hairstyle, and the most in-demand method for generating texture throughout a hip-haircut is achieved through coloring.

Now, lots of men won’t even consider the idea of getting their hair colored because they connect coloring with lightening the hair. This notion is a misconception – color to generate texture is not about being wimpy – it’s about bringing in different hues to prevent the hair from resembling one solid slab of color. Coloring is particularly important for thick dark brown or black hair which are quite challenging to establish any manner of texture or definition.

Side-Parting Is Modern Too

Most hipsters consider side-parts exceptional because side-parting shapes a man’s appearance, and it brings intensity to a man’s jaw line. Hipsters found out a long time ago that women are subliminally drawn to men with sharper jaw lines because they look more macho and robust.

Moreover, hip side-parting helps level the hair’s volume and density so it doesn’t appear too cluttered and disorganized. As opposed to long hair, side parts are also very flexible. Men can show off their side parts in the professional, collegiate and sports realms.

Going Hip, Independent Style

Hip independent (Indie) hairstyles are regarded by many as uniquly character expressive, since the Indie design delivers unsurpassable space for innovation for men with heavy hair. That is why artists, musicians and other creative people choose to use this look. Not only are Indies cool and trendy, but they are also looked upon at useful and classy in the counter-culture scene, enabling the person to pull off an Indie-cut when using both formal and laid-back attire.

Shorter Cuts Get You More Sleep-Time

Hipster-cut users must successfully take care of their new style in order for the hair to maintain its cutting edge. Therefore, it’s crucial when obtaining your hipster haircut to consult your stylist for recommendations and guidance on how to recreate your design at home.

Certainly, choosing a shorter style will significantly minimize the amount of time you need to spend getting ready in the morning — supposing that this interest you, the up to date short-hair hipster fad for thick hair today is to keep the backside and sides aggressively short while leaving a half-length through the top.

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