Style Tips For Five Different Faces

No matter what your face shape is–circular, oval, rectangle, heart-shaped or long–there will be haircuts that will look better on you than others (unless you’re an oval, in which case every cut will look good).

A flattering hairstyle is one that creates the impression that you own an impeccable oval face. Now, there are some hairstyles that help make circular faces seem longer; allow long faces to appear wider; make large jaws disappear; and cause bulky foreheads and double chins to fade away.

Figuring out a client’s face shape is the name of the game, and it is what we pro-stylist learn in our ascetic classes at cosmo school, since it’s imperative to know a person’s face shape in order to pull off a celebrity haircut.

shapes photo
Photo by manitou2121

Why the long face…?

The long-face gal really needs to avoid lengthy hair cuts. With that said, a woman with a long face can pull off a long cut, if their stylist properly layers the extended locks to embrace the cheekbones and the chin. Another way to go is adding waves to the tresses because the extra-volume will attach girth to the edges of a long face, which forces the overall profile to appear wider.

I-Heart You …

Pointy chins are a trademark feature on women with heart-shaped faces (Reese Witherspoon). Most stylists will recommend to gals with this face shape some unique hairstyles that can defer attention to the eyes and cheekbones instead of the chin.

Ellpticism is not a problem…

Oval faces often look good with every hairstyle, but some elliptical faces can appear a bit long, which is why forming a trendy bun or a teased up-do can help with problematic oval visuals. Also, remember that blunt cuts are a big no-no for women with thick or curly hair texture who own an oval-long visual; unless, of course they are willing pulling off a triangular likeness.

Round and round we go…

Round faces are close to the perfect oval profile that every stylist shoots for; however, a short-curly or crimped hairstyle can make a circular silhouette appear rounder. The best option for a gal with a circular shadow would be to choose a cut that allows the tresses to strike the face just below the chin or longer.

Don’t be a square…

The rectangular-faced client seems to be the most difficult for a pro stylist to troubleshoot. This is because of the strong, angular jaw that usually accompanies this profile, which is what needs to be carefully de-emphasized. Texture is the solution, here, in the form of adding swirls or uneven ends to the overall image.


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