Knock Out the Frizz On Your Gorgeous Curly Hair

If you own wavy locks and live in a humid environment, you most likely experience frizz. Curly hair is dry, making it predominantly vulnerable to moisture. All that wavy hair really yearns for is to soak up as much moisture in the air as possible. Unfortunately, this causes the hair’s cuticles to expand, which feeds the frizz.

curly hair photo
Photo by Martin de Witte

So how can a gal get her curly hair under frizz control? She does it by arming herself with the right pro-style products and by taming the swirls using pro-styling techniques….

Be shampoo conscience.

Sulfate-free shampoos can strip the natural oils out of their curls, which is actually a great frizz-fighter. These shampoos are also gentler on the hair and the scalp; that being said, it’s important that a girl only lathers up a couple of times a week, if she wants to manage her frizz.

Now, if you’re a person who really likes to wash her curls more often, the lo-poo and no-poo shampoos may be an option. Currently, these products are insanely popular at salons across the country because they are full of organic moisturizers that are designed for ultimate frizz protection.

Oil treatments work too.

Hair is like skin–you must keep it hydrated. Slapping on an oil treatment before hitting the sack, and then, shampooing it out in the morning will get those curls up and ready to go without unmanageable frizz.

However, some women own super-fine hair curly hair, in which case they should skip the oil treatment and use a deep conditioner after every shampoo instead. This process will protect the cuticle with a glaze that will ward off the humidity in the air.

Leave the towel alone.

Towel-drying curls only roughs up the hair shaft, which makes them more prone to an instant frizz after the swirls dry. As an alternative, press the waves dry with the towel. Some celebs, like Drew Barrymore, guarantee folks that squeezing naturally-curly hair dry with super-absorbent paper towels works best. But we recommend only that you invest in a super-absorbent towel to get the drying perfectly finished.

Silicone serums for blow drying.

After you towel-dry the curls correctly, comb in a leave-in cream; or even better, make sure each curl is coated with a pro-style silicone-serum that has dimethicone in its ingredients, especially if you are going to blow dry or use a hair-straightening iron.

About Ion blow-dryers.

When blow drying, an ionic hair dryer will get the job done much faster, which means there will be less damage to the hair’s cuticles.

Likewise, gals with curls will need to invest in a good diffuser to use when applying a blow dryer. There are some hand-shaped diffusers, available at pro-salons and online, that allows for a super deep drying effect, which can get the curls safely ready to go in almost an instant.

Blow the hair dry, correctly.

If you do not blow dry your hair in a proper form, you will definitely trigger the frizz. Always secure the blow dryer under hair, and squeeze curls with the palm of the hand as you dry. For those who do not own a diffuser, be sure to aim the nozzle down, in the direction that the curls grow.


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