Five Ways Celebrities Turn Their Short Bobs Into Trendy Updos

Don’t let your short hair stop you from sweeping your bob off your shoulders and creating a first-class updo. The following celebrities prove that up-doing short, curly, swirly, braidy or extra volume hair for different events is much easier than you think.

Reese Witherspoon photo
Photo by GabboT

1. The Reese Witherspoon Twister

This simple updo leaves the bangs and fringe out of sight because all the face-framing locks are sectioned off and teased up at the head’s crown. Your stylist will create one twist at a time and will add more hair with each twist, until he or she gets to the neckline. Each twist is then weaved on top and–voila!–you’ll own a updo twirl. A bit of hair spray will also provide the updo with some extra volume.

2. The Kelly Osborne Braid

Women who like to stand out in a crowd–the hipsters and the rockers–really should go for the updo braid. A braid updo naturally highlights two-toned hair as well; so, ombre, sombre, balyage and highlighted hair will look especially awesome using this approach. One doesn’t need pastel hair to pull this off style because the short bob can be sectioned off into small squares, which allows your stylist to pin up pastel braids in different directions to create the untamed updo. Another great perk is that this look will leave no bangs in the front, which can confuse an updo’s aura.

3. The Nicole Richie Ballerina Bun

A neat chignon is a smooth, chic and classic way to go for a bob updo. The ballerina is basically a gentle, baby ponytail twisted into a high bun with hair paste and hairspray applied to tame ends, which keeps them from sticking out. Women who need more volume for their ballerina bun can ask their stylist to add some short clip-in extensions, as well.

4. The Demi Lovato Messy Bun

Bobs with long side tresses are ideal candidates for flaunting the ultramodern, volume-messy bun look. It’s all about a chaotic, natural chic image with this bun that’s achieved by teasing the hair up top. The stylist will start from the crown and work his or her way down; a messy knot completes this updo after taking the bottom half of the teased hair and pining up the locks.

5. The Scarlett Johansson Pouf

Short bobs can even be formed into voluptuous updos with texture. First, your stylist will need the help of a curling iron to create some loose mini curls, which will be gently stretched and combed out later. The hair will also be teased at the hairline to create the textured pouf, and hair product and bobby pins will be added to hold everything up.


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