Secrets to Rejuvenate with New Hairstyles – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

Here are some tricks to renew your hair and have a good look without big changes.

If you are a brunette or blond you can try clumps of bright colors and soft lines around the face. A bright clump gives your complexion a glow and makes you look much younger, like age has been erased right off your face. Consult your hairdresser, she`ll know what the best color is for your face.

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If you are blonde and your hair is cracked and faded, you can slightly darken the color of your hair.  With this look you will achieve a more refined look of autumn, reflecting a subtle palette of autumn colors and patterns.

Bangs are the simplest way for “removing years” or for looking younger without a radical change in hairstyle. Uneven bangs suit every shape of the face and can give more energy and style to your face, like Kate Moss. But for the surest way to find out which one suits your face the best, consult your hairdresser.

As we age so does our hair, and the diameter of our hair is reduced. Considering this, we may want to think of ways that our hairstyle can be as simple as possible.  Most women and men don’t want to have the same hairstyle for years, with the same routine. The least you can do is make it a little shorter with a haircut in layers like Nancy Del Olio. A stylish soft hairstyle flatters every face and hair type. Cut straight lines are not recommended, and neither are thick straight bangs.

As you grow older, you will want to be careful with long hair. A better way might be to have middle length like Madonna. But there are rare women like Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher, who know how to wear long hair.

Sometimes it`s good to take vitamins in addition to healthy food when your hair is missing vitality, shine and density. If you put your hair up in a tail or a bun, don’t strictly gather it at the nape, but tie it casually and informally. Ask your hairdresser about customized hair color seasoning, because this is the secret of shiny hair for many Hollywood stars such as Elle McPherson. Add warm colored clumps of hair to replace the cold pale winter complexions. Regular brushing stimulates the production of sebum, which is responsible for shine. The combination of wax and grease is also a moisturizer and protects the hair.

These are some tricks you can use but the best way to choose the right style for rejuvenation is to consult your hairdresser. She will help you to find your best look.