5 Simple Steps for Creating Perfect Side Buns – OKC Hair Stylist

Side buns are the new alternative to tied hair as they offer a stylish and casual look at the same time. Nowadays, women are sporting side buns at social gatherings, weddings, red carpet events and even official events. The good news is that creating a side bun is extremely easy and requires very little work as compared to some of the more formal hairdos.

Prepare Your Hair: First step to making a side bun is to part your hair to one side and start combing it through to give your hair some body. If you want extra body, you can also curl your hair from half way down so that it gives a thicker look when you tie it into a bun. You can also work some gel or other hair products into your hair in order to give more volume to your hair. Your hair stylist can advise you on which hair product to use for creating the exact look that you want.

Tie It Up: Before you start making the side bun you need to decide what kind of look you want to project since a side bun can be casual or formal. If you want a casual look you can comb your hair and then proceed with making the side bun with lose tresses here and there. For a more formal look, you need to comb your hair into a tight pony tail on the side, or tie them there with a few pins. However, keep in mind that pins come out very easily so it is better to make a pony tail.

If you have a flick, make sure that you set it first and then start creating the side bun. Since you want the side bun to be neat and tidy, it is important to do all additional styling before you create the actual bun.

Create The Side Bun:  Once you have tied all you hair to one side, the next step is to pick up strands of hair and start pinning them up towards the base of the pony tail. You can wind these strands of hair tightly around the basis for a more formal look or twist the strands and tie them up loosely for a casual look.

Finishing Touches: Once you have created a side bun, you can pull out a few strands from the front in order to create a softer look. If you are going to a party or a wedding, it is best to use a little hair spray which can hold the bun in its place. Don’t overuse the hair spray as it can make your hair greasy.

Accessories: Although simple side buns look great but you can always use some accessories such as a fancy hair pin or real flowers to create a more festive look if you are going to a fancy party or a wedding. Make sure that the accessory you pick goes with your outfit and the overall feel of the function.

A side bun can make for simpler elegant hair when you need it. Consult your stylist about your upcoming event.