How to Protect Your Expensive Style from The Weather

So, what is a woman to do on bad-weather days? Everyone complains about the time it takes to get their hairstyles together, but what really sucks is when it all falls apart as soon as you step out of the house in bad weather.

Let’s talk about weatherproofing your hair for those wintry, wet and windy days by exploring simple and cute styles that are awfully easy to throw together and can suit everyone!

rain photoFor Wind: Chaotic Side Braids

Women adore the chaotic side braid because the style is both wind resistant and so easy pull off; this look will also turn some heads by sending out boho-fun vibes, and people will think that you put a lot of effort into it.

Start with freshly washed hair for best results–touch-dry the locks, and add a little pro-texturizing product to bring out your hair’s innate detail. Next, make your side part, and flank your hair to the shoulder. Don’t be neat; this tress is all about the messy look!

Liberally braid your hair in concert, and let those free strands instinctively fly-away, which is part of this look. Secure the braid with clear bands, placed few inches from the end. Finally, pull the braid’s side knots to create a voluminous and chaotic impression.

The style will keep throughout the day, and even when those tiny strands come loose in intense windy weather, they will just add more personality to your look!

For Snow: Beanie-Knitted Bonnets

Beanie-knitted bonnets or crochet hats come in handy on those frigid, dry snowy days, which cause brittle hair. Your cap will not only protect your mane from the nature’s elements, but it will also insert a serious style-attack to your look.

Here, you can fashion your hair any way you like; haul it into a short bun; or create a flank-fishtail braid; or let the mane hang loose in large waves. The trick is to make sure to rub a little hair serum into the mane before putting on your stylish beanie, which help lock in plenty of moisture.

Most pro-stylist believe that loose waves work best when sporting a beanie cap because the subtle curls produce an alluring measure to this attractive, youthful style. And when the weather gets unusually crazy, you can just tie your hair into a twist, and slip it under the beanie, which is another perk that comes with this weatherproofing safeguard. Trust me; you’ll still look super charming even with your locks tucked away!

For Light Rain: Shabby Top Knots

The topknot is a just a typical high bun; but this stylish-defense is an untidy, comfortable edition that can resist the escaping light rain from an umbrella’s cover. To acquire this weatherproofing fashion, just pass your fingers through the mane, and secure the locks into a ponytail at the top. Now, don’t brush it because that’ll make the tresses too smooth to work with, which is contrary to what this style is about!

Next, add in a few beads of mousse with your palms to give the hair a slight scruffy texture. If find that your locks are too smooth for this casual image, you can blow-dry the mane upside down to add consistency.

Lastly, assemble the hair with slack, and twirl it around the base of the ponytail–don’t be too neat! Also, secure the knot with bobby-pins to keep everything in place!

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