NEWSFLASH: Summer Celebrity Hair Trends Are In

Summer is just around the corner, and so are those wonderful hot days and nights that usually accompany it. So, now may be the right time to warm things up with a new makeover before the heat gets underway!

Let’s check out the celebs are doing next season!

Bob It

Rihanna’s bob can start a conversation just about anywhere; this “strong-shape” cut is a summer favorite because it’s fresh and contemporary as well as impressive, which tells us a little well-known Hollywood secret that women in Summer 2016 will be sporting this cut at the big-city beaches and nightclubs when the heat kicks in.

Kendal Layers

kendall jenner photo
Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

Kendal Jenner is growing her hair out and is going for long layers this simmer. This cut is fantastic because the ‘do complements a number of face shapes, and it can happen with or without bangs. Women can wear their long layers either up or down, but this summer, pop-stars like Kendal are dropping their locks to the mid-length region or just below the shoulders.


A Shag-a-Delic is a retro-90’s, Cindy Crawford inspired cut, where the 2016 magic happens in the layering. Full of beach spray and crunching, this summer style can do justice to round and square-face contours. Superstars like Selena Gomes and Taylor Swift are on board this summer with their Shag-a-Delics, where both celebrities can be seen next season intensifying their cuts with a bit of 2016 shade.

Cool Af Hair

Females with odd-shaped faces will find that a Cool Af cut will match their forms well, especially those heart-shaped gals, who sometimes find it difficult to come across a style that properly suits them. The Cool Af is essentially a versatile lob that’s both textured and messy. The cut supports air drying and spritzing, and it can enhance a girl’s natural waves. No curling iron is necessary here, a simple braid with a blast of hot air can produce some eye-candy, 2016 swirls that everyone at the beach will be talking about.

Summer Lob

alexa chung photo
Photo by lovelyhk

Celebrities with oval-shaped faces will be flaunting a short lob this summer, but without the layers that we saw on last year’s summer runways. Actress, Alexa Chung, shows us how fewer layers can offer an oval face a more natural presence in the sunlight, which just might work for someone who is procuring an unsullied look during those hot summer nights.

Rainbow Bangs

Musicians like Amber Le Bon and Keke Palmer have made rainbow bangs this summer’s panache look. Splashing colors across the fringe is in, and it makes a bold statement that will certainly require some selfie attention.
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