What To Expect When Going for A Bang

“Should I bang or not?” is an inner fight in so many of us when we’re dying to make a radical change to our hairstyles. If you own a craving for bangs that just won’t go away, it’s essential to scrutinize that while some celebrity fringe variations may seem easy to pull off, most hair styles with bangs require some bang-101 knowledge, or the fringe could quickly become unbearable to deal with.

I’ve adopted some fringe-guidelines along my professional career on what a client must know if there’re considering getting bangs, and how to deal with a new set of bangs, which I will now pass on to you…

hair bangs photo
Photo by Helga Weber

Bangs may seem awkward at first.

Soon after you receive the first hack, you may notice your hair holding on to its previous style. New bangs may seem puffy or cowlick when cut for the first time. Patience and diligence is needed for first-timers because it’s all about letting the fringe naturally adjust to its new-fangled style.

Dry shampoo is your best friend.

Bangs won’t be able to handle going a few days without a wash unless you can find a way to nurture them directly. Here’s a hint; try shampooing your bangs by spraying them with a dry shampoo-water solution. This procedure will not only freshen up the dirty fringe, but it will also absorb excess oil for reviving volume (reducing the chances of a lie-flat look).

Go shorter than you think.

Bangs may seem to take forever to grow out, but they always seem to grow out alarmingly fast just when you start loving your new style. Hence, a good rule-of-thumb, here, is to have your stylist trim your fringe slightly above the brow, which should always be a bit shorter than your ideal length; doing this will stretch out an extra a week or two between trims.

Control bang-bending when sweating.

Bangs are prone to bend, period; especially in the summer or after a work out in the gym. However, there is a way to avoid and reduce unwanted curvatures–wear a headband during physical activities, both indoors and outdoors. Headbands will keep your forehead clear and free of excess oil, which will prevent your fringe from bending.

Take it easy on the products.

Simply put, you don’t need a lot of product on your bangs in order for them to stay in place. Heavy product application will almost always leave a fringe looking greasy and flat. This means no smoothing lotions or gel in the fringe area.

All bangs frizz during summer.

Sweat causes bang-frizz, and here’s no way around not sweating during the summer. A solution for this recurring impasse is to adjust your fringe’s style for the seasonal change. Fringes can be trimmed bit longer at cheekbone and parted in the middle part (sexy-curtain bang) in the summer. This cut allows a client to brush the fringe off her face, which lets the bang fall down, naturally, instead of standing straight up.

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