Five Inspiring Styles For Men with Long Hair

Men’s long hairstyles are exceptionally “in vouge” now; so, let’s talk long-hair trends to inspire those guys out there who own shoulder-length tresses!

HINT: Going very long will require some extra hair care, due to the frequent washing needed to keep the mane in shape. Thus, ask your pro stylist about conditioners and hydration products for moisturizing your locks and improving the mane’s natural shine before sitting in the chair.

men hair photo
Photo by hairfreaky long hair

Twist-In Bun

Most long hairstyles for men take aim at the guys who have longer manes, but the twist-in bun is a trend that can work even for those men who own just enough hair to flaunt a small ponytail. In fact, that’s actually what a twist-in bun is: two tress sections (separated and twisted freely) that are fixed into a short pony and then coiled in a kind of careless knot. The ends should extend beyond the bun for a totally relaxed vibe.

Half Up Pony

Remember Brad Pitt or Kurt Cobain when they were in their 20s? If you can, then you’ve nailed this 90s-inspired, bun’s image, which requires only that you pull half of your mane up, divide it into two sections, horizontally, and next, secure the upper section with a hair-band.

Braided Rows

Now, I know that there are a lot of guys out there who never in a zillion years can imagine sporting French braids, since the image is mainly linked to women. But trust me, braids can look fantastic on a guy. There is no doubt that Hip-Hop culture has permeated itself into the mainstream, which is what this look is all about. Today’s braided rows are full of pizzaz, and they work well with any hipster, lumberjack-style beard.

Shoulder Length Side Part

A shoulder-length side part on a well-groomed mane is a look that presents a touch of maturity with an added untroubled vibe. The cut requires a professional stylist to pull off an imprecise, deep-side part, where the largest section of the hair will be swept over to one side. This style can also work well for former events, given that untidy hair trends are in vogue this year.

Shaggy Mess With a Single Braid

Most men want a long hairstyle that doesn’t necessitate any fuss or extended grooming time. The shaggy mess with a single braid meets these demands; after a simple wash and blow dry (or air dry), take one small lock section and twist it into a single, simple-braid that is also frail.

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