How To Prepare For A Fantastic 2016 Wedding Hairstyle

You are supposed to remember your wedding day forever. This means that aside from your make-up, dress, and shoes, your hair must be perfect too. Just think about all those pictures of you that your family and friends will pass around, afterwards. You’ll really want to look your very best.

Face shape, hair texture and even a woman’s personality are all factors that a pro-stylist consider when creating a 2016 wedding hairstyle; but in order to receive a really stunning result, there are some steps that people can take before making their first appointment…

wedding hair photo
Photo by Bellafaye Garden

ONE. Be sure to discuss your makeover months ahead with a reliable professional, and then brainstorm a week before the wedding about the final style-choice because once the big day arrives, it can get really annoying if a last-minute change is needed.

TWO. Know your face shape, beforehand; that way, you’ll identify what will work for you and what styles to avoid.

THREE. Recognize your hair’s texture by talking to your hairstylist. Remember that hair texture determines what design will hold together during the ceremony.

FOUR. Consider the dress. A long and flowing, complicated dress will require a simpler hairstyle; you don’t want locks looking too elaborate, if the attention is on the dress. It’s the opposite for gorgeous but simple dresses. Here, your hairstyle should stand out and make a statement.

FIVE. Know what kind of hair really embodies you. A wedding ‘do may look good on the bridesmaid, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. There are literally hundreds of wedding hairstyles to choose from; so, don’t fret, one of them is bound to fit your persona.

SIX. Remember that 2016 wedding hair is medium to long in length, but there are also some short ones out there that can work with certain face shapes.

SEVEN. Now for the burning wedding hair question … should you wear your hair up or down? The answer: IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER! What is most important is that on the wedding day, you should look the very best version of yourself.

But that being said, here are some hot, 2016 bridal-updos that you may want to consider flaunting on the big day:

• The Classic Chignon: It has a lot of range and flexibility and can be arranged to fit any type of personality or mood.

• Half-Up and Down: These are chic, unpretentious, and can come in handy when you can’t decide whether to leave the locks up or down.

• The Curly Side Bun: A hairstyle of which its sass depends on how many curls a girl wants to show off.

• The Loose Side Braid: It’s an informal and relaxed appearance that can make a romantic statement.

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