Going Granny Gray: The Color Trend That’s So Hot Right Now

That’s right; granny hair color is in! Maybe, at this moment, you’re you imagining an elderly, sweet, mature woman who some men might not think as sexy? Well, you’re in for a shocker; contemporary stylists around the nation are making “gray” this season’s hottest hue.

grey hair photo
Photo by Idhren

Today’s Granny hair is avant-garde, edgy and exceptionally modish. This means is that young women can now achieve those youthful ‘silver fox’ facades that were previously reserved only for men.

You may be asking yourself, how could gray hair possibly be a good thing? I mean shouldn’t most people try to cover their white locks, instead of actually adding them to the mane?

Nope, because we are not talking, here, about a monotonous, comatose, monochrome hue; we’re referring to an authoritative and brilliant, ready-to-party shade that’s all about individual style.

Moreover, if you’re naturally gray, this could be your time to shine, since more and more young women are choosing to hit the silver-hue trend. This means mature women can look younger just by being a little creative like opting for an inclusive, hoary wash or choosing silver ascents that range between different tones of sandstone and whitish moonlight.

Why Today’s Young Women Go Granny

There are a lot of reasons to adore 2016’s hottest hair color movement.

To begin with, it’s astonishingly chic. Secondly, the hue gives off such an unapologetically, bold vibe that flaunts confidence all over the place. Singer, Nicole Ritchie, told E-Magazine in an interview that she went granny-gray to obtain a “visibly-arresting” image that was more than just visual eye-candy; she wanted a color to add dimension to her personality as well.

Fashion celebrity, Kelly Osbourne, added to Ritchie’s initiative in a March, Vogue-Online chat, saying that when a person chooses to go gray, they are “clearly breaking from tradition” and “are not looking for a color that allows them to yield to the status quo.”

Why Gray Works Kindly

Hair coloring is all about choosing tones that complement skin tone, which is why granny-gray succeeds because this color is about as natural and universal as it gets.

A gray hue can shine well by itself in a solid, single color bathe, or in a gradient, granny-ombre or with other tones; that’s how versatile this new color-craze is. Trendsetters can also adjoin pastel strands (lilac, insipid peach, pink) to the silver hue, or they can even go for the biggest color trend this year: gray-and-rainbow pastel locks!

So, there you have it…granny gray in a nutshell. This new hair movement proves how something that’s been considered a big “no-way” like-since, forever, can unexpectedly become the quintessence of beauty and provocation.

In beauty school, we learn to tell our clients not to worry when setting their own rules. An on that note, my advise to you gray-ers out there is this: Gray was gorgeous before it became chic, and it will still be beautiful even when the granny-gray trend fades away.

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