Is It Time For A Makeover?

Whether you’ve owned the same hairstyle for years or just recently strived for something new; it may be time for a change. So the question remains…when should I adjust my aura?

Let’s see……

fashion photo• Your style from three years ago has become in-vogue again.
• It’s just easier to pull back your hair.
• Styling everyday is boring.
• Your color looks mousey, uninteresting, and comatose
• No one tells you anymore that your hairstyle rocks.
• You find yourself desiring other people’s cuts.
• You could use a self-esteem pick-me-up.
• You’ve just landed a new job, lost weight, or are heading to a new town.

Sound familiar? Well then it may be time for a change, and here is how to do it…..

FIRST: Find a Professional

You’ll want to pick a hairstylist that you can trust when changing your image. Taking on a new look demands that you put your individuality into the hands of another person. Ask your neighbors, friends, co-workers, or relatives, who walk around with great hair, which professional they use. You can even politely ask a stranger with amazing hair who her stylist is, if you’re brave enough, or seek recommendations online.

SECOND: Know Your Boundaries

When sitting in a new chair for a makeover, whether you’re redoing your color, your cut, or both, it’s important to know what you want, and to know what your limits are. Check out a few hairstyles, beforehand, print them, and take them with you to your appointment. A picture can really speak a thousand words.

However, it is important to allow your hairstylist that creative freedom to offer you suggestions, but make sure that the end results is a new style that you just love.

Just some things to think about:

New Color – face brightening, fresh new look.
Short Hair – sexy, feminine, and romantic.
Bangs – make sure you like ‘em.
Bobs – edgy, polished and easy to style.
Layers – can frame the face in a complimentary way.
Maintenance – could mean the difference between receiving a makeover you love and something you dislike (regular cut and color maintenance is a must-do).

LASTLY: Own Your New Updated Look

Flaunting a new image around town can be a shocking experience, especially if you’ve held the same hairstyle for ages. Own your unique makeover, beginning by noticing the favorable ascetics of your fresh style. Next, take pleasure in your new, bright look; show it off; have fun with it; and let your trendy hairstyle arouse new confidence in yourself.


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