Six Celebrity Cuts For Men With Receding Hairlines

Most men notice it at some point…those strands of hair that cling to the fingers while taking a shower. By age thirty-five, about sixty percent of men will suffer perceptible hair loss. And by age sixty, three out of four of men will notice significant thinning.

buzz cut photo
Photo by Steve Snodgrass

Just because the follicular department challenges you doesn’t mean that you have to succomb to the status quo as well. Think of the dilemma as an opening to revive your likeness. For example, celebrity, Jude Law, always seems to pull off a hip hairstyle every year, even though his hairline recedes successively.

ONE: Textured and Spiked

Bradley Cooper is thinning, but you would not know it from the textured cut he flaunts across town. Cooper likes to keep his sides short, almost to an insistent high fade. From there, he adds more length on top for an element of distraction. Sting and Daniel Day-Lewis also own this style to draw attention away from their receding hair lines.

TWO: Silver Fox

CNN’s Anderson Cooper sports this style during his daily broadcasts. The silver fox works great for men who still own hair on the top. The trick here is to trim the mane short but to keep it long enough to part and flip some locks over to the side. A classic taper on the sides and back will put a fine finish on the fox image, as long as the taper is blended flawlessly with the rest of the mane.

THREE: Buzz Cut

John Travolta is with no doubt the king of the buzz cut. For those men who are not ready to shave it all off but still have to deal with a hairline in full recession and nothing on top, the buzz cut may be the answer. It offers a fresh, no-fuss, vogue image that does not say, “I’m going bald.” Adam Levine parades this power look at his concerts well.

FOUR: Au Natural

Woody Harrelson is the master saint of the au natural look. To pull this image off, all you have to do is to keep the mane short on the sides and to leave everything else as it is. Facial hair also is a great attention diverter here.

FIVE: Layered Shag

For men who are only starting to thin and are not yet ready to go super short, ask your stylist to add some graceful, textured layers. Bon Jovi and Johnny Depp use this tussled style, which offers them a deliberate scruffy facade.

SIX: Power Donut

Remember Ed Harris in All The Right Stuff? He went completely clean on top and long on the sides. The power donut shows off a circle of unshaved hair holding on to a shaved and sophisticated dome.


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