Is It Possible to Have Perfect Bangs with Naturally-Curly Hair?

So, you’re dealing with a tricky situation: You’ve snagged some major bang-desire, but your hair is naturally curly. Perhaps it was Taylor Swift that placed you there with her Roaring Twenty’s straight fringe. Or maybe Nicole Kidman’s brand-new shortie set the desire inside of you; but after looking in the mirror you ask yourself, what is a woman with wavy locks to do?

curly hair photo
Photo by …love Maegan

If you possess swirls, don’t stress because your hair can tolerate bangs, and the concept is not as distressing as it appears to be. Let’s have a look at a handful of strategies on ways to get that curly hair, bang-perfect!

Find a First-Rate Hairstylist

Periodically, receiving the hairstyle you desire boils down to locating a stylist who owns the practical know-how to get the job done. This is particularly important for the wavy-haired patron who wants those prefect bangs blended in naturally. There are hairstylists around who really appreciate handling curls, and who don’t merely remedy everyone’s wavy hair in the same way. These stylists won’t comb wavy hair out, but instead, they will mix your modern fringe perfectly into your curls.

Get a Hairstyle Inspiration

Regardless if it’s Zooey Deschanel or Lily Cole, clients really should bring a snapshot to the saloon of their best-loved, curly-haired celeb who has messed around with bangs.

Get Your Hair Follicles Healthy

Hassle-free bangs blended thoroughly into wavy hair or into curly hair with length will call for a little heat styling. Pre-shampoo therapies offer serious hair conditioning via permeating the hair’s follicle, which leads to greater flexibility. Ask your stylist if your wavy hair should be pre-treated prior to your session.

Think About the Style

Girls with swirls are vulnerable to natural hair shrinkage, which can make their hair seem a lot shorter than it really is. This is an issue you should look into when deciding on the correct bang style. A lengthier design may be advised for if you are thinking of sporting your bangs naturally, whereas, an effortlessly wavy-fringe can appear fun on women with thicker locks. Mini-bangs do work with rounded faces with smaller temples, but before you experiment with tiny bangs, keep in mind that some folk’s hair get curlier the shorter you style it.

Grab Some Curling Irons

A small set of straightening irons is an essential for maintaining bangs at home. Regardless of whether you intend to leave yours as nature designed, one certainly never knows when they’ll get out of bed with their fringe pinned to their forehead!

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