Styling Tips For The Thin-Haired Male

Nobody wants to get old; but whether we like it or not, it’s goanna happen, and along with middle age happens one of man’s greatest worries: hair thinning. Practically every pro-coiffeur, nowadays, recognize that clean and short is absolutely the way to go for thin-haired males, simply because shorter haircuts usually lend a hand in rejuvenating confidence in one’s good looks and because these cuts serve to focus on a man’s Spartan facial assets.

fine hair photo
Photo by Hryck.

Thus, our job as stylists is to lessen the appearance of our client’s fine hair to obtain a superior but well-maintained short appeal. We choose our tasteful approaches by observing good-looking, professional males models who handle their maturing hair with authority.

Let’s take a peek at a few examples of short cuts on celebrity men, and explore how they secure self-confidence from their thinning hair.

Jude Law: Balding Foreheads

When the time comes to change to a smaller cut to limit the aesthetics of fine hair, choose a narrower look. The Law hairstyle delivers best when very little is needed to combine the finer sections of your locks with thicker ones when merging the bald areas. This look is timelessly elegant, and it’s appropriate for any middle-age contour because generates the image of a fuller head of hair.

Kevin Costner: Sheer on Top

Should you find your forehead more noticeable, but you still own lots of hair, ask your stylist for the Costner look, a compact, all-around cut that is somewhat tapered in rear and on the sides. Your stylist will probably add hair paste sixty seconds after towel-drying the hair, and work it in with his or her fingers to make only the hair atop of the head a tad cluttered, leaving your edges and the posterior looking decent. This design does the job to lessen the thinning because its coarse texture offers added volume, resulting in the impression that you possess more.

Prince William: Universal Thinning

A low and spiked cut is a perfect option for those with hair that is thin everywhere contrary to thin in only distinct areas. Prince William’s hairstyle is simple to produce with a bit hair product, and the raised volume implies one will appear to have more hair. Likewise, since this cut is trendy, it shows off the where hair exists instead of where it does not.

Jason Statham: Premature Bald Spots

The buzz cut offers a few perks for males with super-fine hair. Statham’s cut makes hair thinning hard to notice, and it delivers well in any professional or leisure setting. Put together with a fantastic business ensemble, the Statham cut can generate a sharp-looking and refined image. The buzz cut is also remarkably low-maintenance, so folks can throw most of their hair products.

Other Smart Tips for Men with Thin Hair

1) No Pushovers–quit growing the sides of your hair to cover up the baldness; doing this only attracts extra focus on the thin area.

2) Don’t wear baseball caps–blanketing the problem borders on not coping with it: the more you look at yourself in the mirror, the more you will grow into welcoming your fresh-new look. Plus your scalp does need to breathe.

3) Shampoo regularly–thinning hair can become oily quite easily, which will make hair follicles appear blotchy and even finer. Shampoo just a few times a week, but for those who need to shampoo more often, try applying a dry shampoo.

4) Apply less products-try using a matte for a non-greasy appearance, and blow dry your hair regularly for additional volume.

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