The Ultimate Accessory: Your Hair

You already know how important accessories can be for tying together your final image. But did you realize that your hair can be your most versatile, readily accessible and fun accessory? Even if you are caught out unexpectedly, you can instantly transform your hair from a business-friendly ‘do or messy ponytail to something decidedly more trendy and fun-loving simply by planning ahead and keeping some materials at the ready.

hair styling tools photo
Photo by …love Maegan

Go From Messy to Dressy in a Flash
Going from messy hair to a dressy style doesn’t have to mean starting your hair care routine over from the beginning. You don’t have to make time to head home so that you can wash and blow dry your hair before styling it. If you are like many women, you already keep a portable makeup bag in your purse for those quick fixes while you are out. For those times when you know you are going to be leaving work to go directly out with your friends, for example, you might even add a few special makeup items to your bag. You can implement that same system for your hair as well.

Must Haves for Your On-The-Go Hair Styling Kit
Any good hair styling kit is going to have a few basic items, regardless of the length or type of hair you have. First, you need a good brush that is right for the unique attributes of your hair. You also need to have a comb so that you can easily divide your hair into different sections or make parts in strategic places. Hair spray and some type of style product such as gel are also necessary items to add to your kit.

Putting Into Action
The above are the essentials but adding in a few extras can make your job easier. A small water bottle, bows and barrettes, soft foam rollers, bobby pins and a mirror can all help you go from blah to TA-DAH in mere minutes. While using a spare bathroom to freshen up your hair can help you spread your things out a bit more, you can even accomplish this while sitting in your car, in between events. If your hair was up in a ponytail while you were out doing errands, spritz it with a bit of water before using the pins or rollers to add some romantic curls around your temples. Alternatively, if you were at work with your hair loose, brush it thoroughly before sweeping in up into a loose chignon.

A great hairstyle doesn’t have to be elaborate if you keep a few essentials with you while you are out. Sometimes a simple brushing of your hair — along with the addition of some curls and barrettes — can give you that fresh look you crave.

You need more than a good brush for great hair; it starts with a great color, cut, or extensions. Call me right away to schedule an appointment in Oklahoma City!