Hair Texture, The Rules, And How To Break Them

Hair texture is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a fresh hairstyle; it’s even more important than the face shape. Your hair’s thickness and consistency will affect the cut’s overall design, how short tresses can be trimmed, and how your stylist will ultimately profile your locks.

hair texture photo
Photo by M Aze

But, just as there rules to obtaining the perfect haircut, there are always those awesome rule breakers. In fact, the most famous hairstyles hardly ever follow those pesky hair texture “statutes”.

Let’s check out some hair texture rules and ways in which women can break them.

Hair Textures

Six hair textures are found on humans:

• Thin
• Straight
• Wavy
• Coarse
• Frizzy
• Curly

A woman can own any combination of these textures (i.e. straight hair that frizzes, or thin hair that’s also curly). Most pro-stylist are trained to sort out and evaluate your hair’s situation through touch and watching how strands move.

So, next time you are in the chair, ask your stylist about what kind of hair texture you own; a girl should always have this information handy when choosing a new haircut and when researching on how to restore the ‘do hair at home.

Curly Hair

Rule: The pros will tell you that curly hair requires length to hold the waves down, otherwise the ‘do will just pouf up.

Rule Breaker: You can break the “go-long” rule, if you are willing to let your curly hair to pop out all over the place. Think Curly-Sue. This look is supple, sleek and eye-pleasing, and the image generally speaks about a woman’s personality. Keep in mind that shy women should not engage in this rule breaker, since this little-hipster style is only for the independent girl.

Fine Hair

Rule: Just like curly hair needs the length, fine hair needs to be shorter in order to keep its body; hence, long, thin locks will normally appear unexciting and dead.

Rule Breaker: Women with definite face shapes look incredible with lengthy hair, regardless of the hair’s texture. Round and square faces, especially, can pull off some amazing long hairstyles. This is because longer tresses seem to straighten out wider face shapes. However, if you own a long face, don’t worry; you can still break the rules by keeping the cut at no more than shoulder’s length.

Coarse, Wavy and Frizzy

Rule: Everyone loves bangs, but if you own curly, coarse and/or frizzy hair, you probably feel left out of the bang-craze. It’s an age-old styling rule that tells us bangs will only work on straight or fine hair, but never on curly hair (unless of course you’re willing to chemically treat your hair, or use an iron to straighten your bangs out every day–ouch!)

Rule Breaker: Ask your stylist for some for layered, side-swept bangs. Here, the shortest layer should touch at your ear, and make sure those wavy bangs are cut only when they’re completely dry. Curls tend to shrivel up when they are not wet, and what you don’t want are short wavy frizzes popping out from your hairline when the layered-bangs are fully dehydrated.


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