Side-Swept Bangs and How To Properly Go-For-It

Those sexy fringes; we do desire them. Especially those long, side-swept bangs that shape the face just so right! They grow out attractively whenever you get tired of them, and they’re always available any time feel like mixing things up.

bangs hair photo
Photo by Emma Montague Photography

This week’s post is dedicated to the side-swept bang, an in-vogue trend that celebrities like Reese Witherspoon fell in love with, which any movie go-er can confirm after watching her flaunt the trendy fringe in her last three movies.

Witherspoon has almost always sported some sort of bangs; however, she looks exceptionally awesome with side-swept bangs.

Now, you may be asking yourself…why is this so? Well, the simple answer is, bangs fly well on those who know the bang-basics.

If you think this look could work for you, there are a few important points and tips to consider:

• Thin vs. Heavy: Side-swept bangs look best when they are thick and heavy. The thin and wispy “all-one-length” fringe just won’t work here. Thin cut bangs can often present a boxy-old-fashioned appearance. Just know that what’s in-style, today, are thick bangs that match extended, sexy-wavy, tress layers.

• Long Layers: So, thick bangs are not your thing? Try a side-swept fringe paired with long layers instead of wavy ones. Bangs with extended straight layers fly well because not only does the cut get rid a fringe’s inherent boxy image, but it also allows the tresses to grow out naturally and not to come off terribly extreme as your profile changes.

• Hair Texture: Bangs look best on naturally straight hair; but the gal with wavy hair can pull off a sexy side-swept bang if she is willing to blow dry the fringe straight every day. FYI-Bangs do not work well on curly hair.

• Drying: A fringe should be dried first before heating the rest of the mane. This is because bangs are short, so, they dehydrate faster, which is why you want to attack them first before the frizz sets in.

• Bubble Bangs: Know how to blow dry your bangs properly. Many, many women suffer from bubble bang syndrome because they end up blow drying their fringe with a round brush. Instead, invest in a good flat paddle brush or a professional flat-iron; you will thank me later for doing this.

• Upkeep: A side-swept fringe will need regular trims. Ask your stylist if he or she offers free or discounted bang trims, or the brave at heart can also learn how to cut their own bangs.


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