Male Hair Care Products–Which One Should I Choose?

Men’s hair can appear thin or fall flat, if the mane lacks holds too little product; on the other hand, a guy’s sleek strands can easily turn into a frizzy-fro, if he applies too much of the wrong goo.

male hair photo
Photo by Miguel.Aguilera 

You wanna know what’s the secret to great-looking man-hair? Always add a bit of something to nourish and style your long or short locks because without the goo, your ‘do will flaunt a lifeless and boring appeal.

Here are some pro-styling tips for picking the right product for your hair type and for your desired look.

Hair Putty

The Guise: Sexy, messy hair that preys for someone to play with it; consider James Franco. The putty or clay look works best for that weekend vacation among friends.

What It Offers: Awards the mane with more volume and texture, which means it’ll look thicker but nevertheless, disconnected. Most pro-style clay products own inherent matte finishes.

How to Use: If you want an average, flexible hold, go for a putty product; on the other hand, clays will offer you an intense day-long hold. In either case, pat a small amount of product into the palm of your hand and apply through mane using your fingertips to shape. You can then divide the mane into sections and style it in set pieces.


The Guise: traditional and elegant; consider Joseph Gordon Levitt or Leonardo DiCaprio. This is a timeless-image look, and it also will turn some heads at the office.

What It Offers: Presents a slick-hair image with an eye-candy shine-finish and a lot of hold. Pomade stays in place all day long, so you can reactivate your style’s flair via simple touch ups when the night approaches.

How to Use: Apply a small amount to the locks using the palms of your hands, and then use a comb to shape the design and to give your hair’s image some direction. FYI–your pomade must be water-based so that it washes out easily before you go to bed; you will always want this product on your hair and not on your pillow.


The Guise: vigorous and natural look; consider Johnny Depp. Crémes complement men who own longer hairstyles.

What It Offers: shows off the hair’s natural softness and an innate hair shine with an “I don’t use any product” facade, which means that you’ll always look unsurprisingly put together.

How to Use: Apply a small amount between your fingers, and distribute the product evenly throughout the long tresses, concentrating mostly on the ends.


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