Why Men Should Grow Out Their Hair in 2016

70s Male Retro Hair Returns

First, 70s motif started hitting the NYC runways in 2015. Next, HBO’s Vinyl became P-O-P, and the show is currently making men reassess the rationale in owning bigger hair. Now, you may not be quite ready to go out and buy some bell-bottom pants yet, but we can at least get your mane in the game by taking a look at this new, retro-vogue hair trend.

man photoHippie and Page-Boy

Allowing your hair to do its own thing may seem like a lazy approach to holding longer tresses; of course, the truth begs to differ. A Saturday Night Fever image requires the right cut and care, which means that you can’t just grow out the mane after leaving barber shop. Hippies in 2016 know that regular salon appointments are a must-do, if they want to keep their hair from going “Serpico.”

Hippie hair works on thick, straight or wavy hair. Remember that if the strands are too thin, a feminine persona can arise, and curly texture will only result in a Kevin Keegan perm. The page-boy cuts also best compliments thoose “far-out” men with oval faces.


Mullets are so 80s, aren’t they? The modern take on a mullet removes the hard-to-swallow retro-image and transforms it into a flattering “scorned” look that’s more attractive than you’d think. Today’s mullet is a cut of two distinct sections– the extended tresses along the back and the undersized layers that stroke the top and the sides.

Now, this may sound like a David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust image, but a 2016 mullet is all about the blend; ask your stylist for medium-short hair with blended spikes on top. The cut must be clean and cut short around the ears. Finally, make sure to bring everything together (blend), immaculately, at the longer neckline. Keep in mind that an incoherent mullet will make you appear like you’re trying to hide something.

Round faces suit mullets well because the long-short dissimilarity produces the contours that the face naturally lacks. A pro-style gel will also keep spikes at the summit in place, and a good cream can slick the back down in a natural form.

Shag and Rooster

Adding more layers to “Mayan-temple” 70s hair can offer your longer locks a 2016 unintentional facade. Actor David Cassidy rocked the rooster during the post-hippie movement. However, a 2016 version is essentially hair that hits that shoulder, flattered with a spiky mane on top.

IMPORTANT-Layers must grab the back and sides to give the image some distinctive feathering. A modern, shaggier cut will come about when these layers become deep and distinct as they grow out.


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