Deep Conditioning Right for You?

Your hair is under constant stress. From regular hair product usage to just wearing a hat, your hair is always losing moisture and body that it cannot regenerate on its own.

Black hair
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If your hair is flat, dry, brittle, or frizzy, then you might need a deep conditioning treatment to give your hair the moisture it desperately needs.

Salon deep conditioning treatments replenish the moisture in your hair and give it fresh new luster and body. Deep conditioning treatments are often confused with protein treatments, because they both renew your hair, but what they do is very different. Protein treatments implant and replenish the basic protein your hair is made of – something that is lost naturally or with using hair care products. Deep conditioning treatments work on the surface of your hair and give it back the moisture it has lost from even staying out in the sun.

Regular conditioners, even regular salon products, give you a temporary moisture boost, but they do not repair your hair. Conditioning your hair on a daily basis is a given, but it simply cannot give the long-lasting benefits that deep conditioning treatments offer.

If you have black hair, it is especially important to get regular deep conditioning treatments from your stylist. Damage and dryness is much more visible in black hair than in any other hair color and un-moisturized hair is unsightly.

If your hair is frizzy or brittle, and nothing you try seems to work, call I’m happy to help. Make an appointment, and I’ll give you a professional opinion on whether a protein or deep conditioning treatment is what your hair needs.