Cheap Haircuts Cost More

A guest article from someone who wished to remain anonymous…

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWe often think that by spending less we could already save a lot of money. This could be true for some situations but not at all times, as we try to look for cheaper alternatives, this can sometime lead to spending more and buying things which should have been unnecessary. Let us try to look back at my previous experience.

It was sometime last year when I went out with my friends malling. We passed by this new salon wherein they have colorful promotional banners all over the place, “FREE PEDICURE FOR EVERY FOOT SPA”, “FIFTY PERCENT OFF FOR ALL HAIR TREATMENTS”, “FREE HAIRCUT FOR EVERY HOT OIL SERVICE”. The last promotional banner caught my attention. I was even more persuaded to go in when I saw there are a lot of girls coming in and out of the salon, not to mention the free drinks and cookies they were giving their customers as part of their marketing strategy.

We immediately went inside and tried their services. I opted to have the hot oil treatment with which I could have the free hair cut. A petite lady came and introduced herself, she was friendly. She started rinsing my hair after which she already applied the hot oil treatment. Everything was so fast, she finished in less than twenty minutes; massaged my hair for 5 minutes then rinsed. After which it was blow dried then another salon staffer came to cut my hair, in less than ten minutes, I was done already and was instructed to the counter since another group of teen ladies were going to our area.

After paying we decided to go home. When I arrived home, I immediately went to my room and checked my new hair. After thirty minutes of combing and facing the mirror I noticed that my hair was not done evenly. At first, I thought it was just a new hair style but as days passed by I started to get annoyed with some of my hair falling in different directions. To make it look better, I bought hair clips in all different colors and shapes, thinking I could wear different everyday to cope with my new hairstyle.

After a week of putting on hair clips, which is very distracting, since I have to mix and match things, I decided to just put highlights in the uneven hair falling in my forehead and ears to make me more fashionable. But after being an anti-fashion icon for weeks, I decided to got to my favorite hair stylist and have my hair done again. Want to know who fixed my hair? You guessed it!

Now I feel and look better. My new hairstyle fits my personality, and I don’t have to worry everyday about how to arrange my hair. I came to realize that by using cheap hair cut services, it cost me more by buying things which should have been unnecessary in the first place. I created a need to buy all those clips, highlights and still ended up redoing my hair.

We should remember that we should not be easily tempted with promotions and discounts. We should be able to weigh whether it is worth availing ourselves of said discounted rates, especially when we are talking of hair cuts which need the expertise and confidence of your hairstylist.

Anastasia Says: Get your stylist involved in making cost-effective decisions about your appearance. I’m available, if you’d like to come in for a cut and a consult – call first to make sure I’m there. Or just call me to make an appointment, and we’ll get to work transforming your hair in a way that puts all questions to rest.