2009 Sooner Style

Some Fashion Trends for Sooners to Keep an Eye on in 2009

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Most years,  fashion and hairstyle trends take more time to hit the Midwest but, if fabulous moves in from the coasts, it’s moving more quickly in 2009.

Colors to Keep You Trendy This Year

Neutral Color Tones: Tried and trusty neutrals are as in style as they are any year, but 2009’s neutrals come together in layers. Grays, ifblacks, lavenders, and beiges should go hand-in-hand this year. A black or lavender shirt under a light gray sweater would be a simple and stylish choice if you don’t want to be too extravagant.

Yellow Yellow Yellow!: The color yellow is making it big this year! Yellow can be hard to match with other colors that aren’t so bright, but if you can mix it with a similarly bright purple or red, or solid black it can look fabulous. Wearing a yellow makes you really stand out in a crowd and gives you the aura of being wild and free. Definitely the way to go if you want to make a loud statement this year.

Fashion Styles You Can’t Live Without in 2009

Ruffled Tops, Dresses, or Smocks: Ruffles are a major player in fashion this year. A good ruffled top or smock can make almost any unfashionable pair of pants seem fashionable again. A dress with ruffles at the hem or along the collar or shoulders gives any woman a playful look that’s as timeless as it is cute.

Harem and Drop-Crotch Pants:
Wide-legged pants really disappeared from the fashion scene for a while but in 2009 they are back again in full-swing. 2008 saw some in-style harem pants, but 2009’s variation is a little less wide and a bit more flattering to the legs while still hiding flaws.

Drop-Crotch pants are the opposite of harem pants, as they start big and taper as they go down. Drop-crotch pants look akin to something MC Hammer wore in the ’90’s, but trust me: they’re big again. The drop-crotch pant can be hard to work an outfit around, but once you find a top and a pair of shoes to work with it, it looks fantastic.

Trendy Hairstyles and Colors for Sooners in 2009

Styles to Keep a Lookout for

2009’s Bob: The timeless bob, what would we do without you? The bob itself never goes out of style, but the preferred variations change year to year. This year the lovely pixie cut bob and the eye-catching cropped bob are attention grabbers.

Straight Hair Makes a Comeback: Last year, wavy hair was in style and it looked fabulous. This year the preferred way to wear your hair if it’s long or medium length is straight and sleek. A good cut, a curling iron, and some wax or mousse will be your best friend this year.

Ponytails: Ponytails are a bit of a gray zone in hair trends. It’s so simple, and sometimes you just can’t have your hair blowing all over the place. In 2009 the ponytail is actually in, and a carefully controlled haircut can really make a simply ponytail seem like so much more.

Haircolors in 2009 to Make You Say “Wow!”

Deep Red: A nice dark and deep red is always beautiful and in 2009 it’s also stylish as well, which is good news for those redheads out there. A deep red gives a hint of sophistication that other hair colors can’t match up to, except maybe a nice ash blonde.

Ash Blonde: Ash blonde is a really traditional hair color that rarely seems to really come “in” style, it’s just always there and looks good. This year is a good year for ash blonde and those who have it.

Dark Browns and Black: Black has a little mystery to it, doesn’t it? Well the mystery this year is how it got to be so popular! Dark colors are on the rise, and that includes black and close dark browns. Black or dark brown hair is a staple of almost any unique look and they both just look good.

There’s a lot to keep up with in the fashion world, and its especially hard in the land of the fashionably late. If you want to keep in style, you need to work with a stylist that keeps up with trends – otherwise it might be back to bleach blonde – and that’s so 2007!  Give me a call to  see when I’m available, and we’ll set a date to bring you up to date and looking stunning in 2009.
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