The Lowdown on Selena-Hair

Selena Gomes had a birthday last month, and folks were really super excited to see her new, young-adult look. Selena-hair as been a well sought-out style over the years, but it seems that every time a client asks for the new Selena grandeur, the superstar ends up changing her look. Since this idol has had such an amazing guise among teens, we thought it would be nice to take a look at some Selena-trends to keep the young gals up to par.

selena photo
Photo by ThisIsJonny

Back in the Disney years, Selena was a little less experimental with her hair shades, opting for much more subtle hues. The pop-celebrity played it super safe as she slowly made her way into stardom by adding gentle shades of golden browns throughout her hair, and then, finally going for an ombre hairstyle. This allowed Selena to show off her long locks, and it gave her the option to throw in some waves for attending special events.

Fast-forward to 2011, and folks saw Selena launching super experimental hair; she began her transformation by chopping her hair into a dull lob (a.k.a-long bob), but she also kept her delicate blonde ombre shade, which subtly came across as an “I’m-still-a-teen” decree. After six months, Selena went all out and dyed her hair an amazing